What to Do With a Damaged iPhone

What to Do With a Damaged iPhone
What to Do With a Damaged iPhone
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How to handle, treat and repair a broken iPhone

There’s no better cure for a broken iPhone other than if someone were to wave a magic wand, undoing the error and fixing the issue. Unfortunately if you don’t have the “hook-up” at Hogwarts it’s safe to say that’s not going to happen! Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of popular fixes and action for you to take when dealing with a damaged iPhone. The helpful steps below will help if your phone: is physically broken, has software or hardware damage, and if you’re worried about losing your data. Here’s what to do with a damaged iPhone.

Cracked IPhone Screen

It’s more likely that your iPhone would be suffering from a cracked screen if it is an iPhone 3, 4 or 5 model. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus are less likely to shatter due to the scratch resistant screen (but it is possible!). Unfortunately if your iPhone is suffering from a cracked or shattered screen, you will not be covered by Apple Care, even within the 1 year warranty period. If you have Apple Care, read up on your consumer rights as they will differ depending on your country of residence.

Apple Genius repair

Another way of getting your screen fixed or replaced is through an appointment with a Genius at an Apple Retail Store nearest your location. You can set this up by visiting the store to make an appointment, calling them, or mailing them.

If you’d rather not use an Apple service to repair your broken iPhone you have the option of finding an iPhone repair service within your area. Through a quick search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you may be able to find reputable smartphone repair services in your location. Be sure to read up on reviews and ratings to ensure reliability before choosing a company. Once you have chosen a repair service, it’s important that you create a backup of the device in iTunes or iCloud before you send the phone off to be fixed. This way you will protect all of the phone’s data. If you do not have iTunes or an iCloud account, you can transfer files from your iPhone to a computer directly.

iphone diy


If you’re DIY mastermind or would simply like to set yourself the challenge, you can order a new iPhone screen and conduct the repair yourself with an online step by step guide. There are a few DIY smartphone repair services in existence that will help you to replace the cracked iPhone screen. Again, you can use a good search engine to locate some near your areas. A few popular ones include fixez.com, teknik.ie and ifixit.com.

Services like these specialise in: iPhone parts, DIY tutorials on how to repair electronics yourself and benefit from saving money (not to mention the self-satisfaction that comes when successfully completing a DIY project!).

Need to recover your iPhone data?

If you need to recover data from your broken iPhone, you can do so through two different recovery methods from the tutorial given. The two options will enable you to retrieve: Text Messages, iMessages, Contacts, WhatsApp History, Notes, Calendar Events, Photos, Videos and more.

IPhone Software Damage

If your iPhone woes stem from software damage, meaning an error in the functionality of the phone, there are a whole host of troubleshooting tips you can execute according to the specific error. Many iPhone users visit the Apple Discussions board when they are experiencing software problems. By creating an account you can post questions, problems and issues you’re experiencing to experienced iPhone users, knowledgeable in iOS troubleshooting, who will post tips to remedy your problem. Without an Apple discussions account, you will still be able search for your software problem and see if anyone else has experienced the same issue in the past, and discovered a solution.

As a last resort for all software problems, users tend to restart the device. Most software problems can be fixed with this solution. Restarting your device will not erase anything but is used as a last resort measure because of the power draining abilities to the OS.

To restart your device press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home button down for at least ten seconds (both at the same time), until the Apple logo pops up. If you have tried all suggested troubleshooting methods and the problem has not been fixed by restarting the device, you will need to take the phone into your mobile phone carrier shop or your nearest Apple Store to be looked at.

IPhone Hardware problem

If you are experiencing a hardware problem, specifically any problem or defect with the physical phone itself (e.g. if the phone is still on loud when you flick the silent switch), there are a couple of steps to take to see if your issue can be resolved:

  • Firstly are you still under warranty? Depending on the exact problem, you may be able to get the phone fixed or replaced under the warranty issued at the time of your purchase. Be sure to read up on your Apple Care warranty and eligibility
  • Visit the Apple store – If you don’t have Apple Care you may wish to take the phone into your nearest Apple retail store to see if there is a quick fix to your problem. If not you may have to pay to get it fixed.
  • Contact Apple Support – Another option is to contact Apple Support and let them advise you on how to remedy the hardware issue.
  • Visit your network provider – You can also take your phone into the store of your network provider, explain the problem to them and they will advise you on the best course of action to take.

Hopefully this article has informed you of all the option you have to fix your iPhone woes.

Let us know if there are any important tips we left out, or if you found another way to remedy a damaged iPhone!


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