What do you lose if you don’t backup your iPhone?

What do you lose if you don’t backup your iPhone?
What do you lose if you don’t backup your iPhone?
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Short answer: Everything!

Failing to properly backup your iPhone can make you lose all your data, from photos to videos, contacts, messages, calendar, and music. All your precious virtual memories, favorite songs, funny texts, and agendas will be gone if you don’t back up your device.

We know what you may be thinking, “how can I lose all my data just like that?” Well, there are many ways in which this can happen. A wrong operation, your iPhone may get broken or damaged by water, iOS upgrade, or accidentally clicking on the “Factory Restore” button. These are all scenarios in which your most precious data can be gone in just a few seconds.

How do you protect your data?

Devices can get lost, stolen, broken. As a user, you can also contribute to losing all your data by clicking on the wrong button. Other ill-intended people may also delete your iPhone information if they get access to your device.

The point is that all the information you have on your iPhone can disappear when you expect it the least. So, it’s a must to protect your iPhone data just in case an accident happens.

There are several ways to protect your iPhone data, including locking your device with a Touch or Face ID, carefully handling your device, and paying attention to what buttons you click. But, the best way to be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to losing your data is to back it up.

Backing up your data basically means saving a record of everything that you have on your phone, such as photos, files in your apps, the progress you’ve reached in your games, your texts, contacts, and basically all the information you have on your iPhone.

You can then use the backups to set up a new device if you change your iPhone or restore the information on your phone if you, for example, accidentally deleted all the information.

Ways to back up your iPhone data

There are many ways to backup your iPhone data. Apple offers its own solutions: iTunes and iCloud backup solutions. However, these are not the only solutions you have. Third-party data backup apps also allow you to do so.

iCloud backup

The iCloud backup option allows you to make a copy of information like photos and videos, settings, app data, home screen, texts, and iMessage, plus the ringtones you have on your device. You can choose this backup option from your device’s settings.

iTunes backup

The iTunes backup requires you to connect your device to your computer, open the iTunes app, and give time until the device syncs your files with the PC or Mac. This backup method ensures that all your photos, images, media files, texts, call logs, apps data, calendar, and more will be backed up.

Third-party data backup apps

Besides the backup solutions offered by Apple, some third-party providers can help back up your data. Most of these solutions allow you to back up your most important information from media files to messages, notes, and more.

Add to third party data backup apps

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