How to Transfer iPhone Text Messages to your PC

How to Transfer iPhone Text Messages to your PC
How to Transfer iPhone Text Messages to your PC
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Did you know that on average, 16 million mobile messages are sent per minute around the world? That’s almost 23 million messages per day. That’s a hell of a lot of funny memes, bright stickers, ‘LOLs’ and ‘OKs’. Many messages will also contain important information that will need to be saved and backed up at a later date. Organising your text messages may help if you’re in a legal battle and need to send message threads to your solicitor or lawyer. Maybe you’re searching for a way to print text messages or just simply to back them up because they have sentimental value. If you’re looking for a way to transfer text messages from an iPhone to a computer, you can use this simple tutorial below.

Transferring text messages to computer

  1. Install Enigma Recovery to your Mac or Windows PC
  2. Connect iPhone to computer/laptop
  3. Select ‘iPhone or iPad’
  4. Select Messages option
  5. Copy iPhone messages
  6. View and save iPhone messages

Works for all iPhone 7 iPhone 6, 5 and 4 models. Full tutorial below.

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Can I use iTunes, iCloud or a Third-Party Tool?

A valuable backup option for your iPhone text messages can be found in iTunes or iCloud. Creating an iPhone backup in iTunes or iCloud will enable you to transfer iPhone files to another iPhone, or another Apple device. These backups also serve as a way to protect you from iPhone data loss. If you ever lose your phone or if you accidentally deleted your iPhone files, you will be able to extract data from a previously made backup file in iTunes or iCloud. However for the purpose of organising, viewing and even printing your text messages iTunes and iCloud will be of no use to you.

iTunes and iCloud

Text messages are stored in fragmented files in an iTunes backup. This means the files are not easily extracted, read or organised. To extract, read and re-organise iPhone text messages effectively you will need a third-party tool. Nine times out of ten iPhone users use third party tools to extract, transfer or save text files. Your call history as well as text messages and iMessages are easily transferred from your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) with iPhone data recovery software.

Most of the time iPhone recovery software is the third-party tool chosen for retrieving deleted messages, call history, WhatApp history and other files. However third party tools like Enigma Recovery, the recommended software below, can also be used to transfer iPhone files like text messages and iMessages, to your computer. Follow the tutorial below to see how you can do this.

How safe is it?

Enigma Recovery copies instead of extracts iPhone files to your PC. No harm whatsoever can come to your iPhone throughout this process as it is not a method of extraction. Your iPhone data and settings are quite safe. With the added benefit of being able to recover deleted messages, Enigma Recovery has been downloaded in over 150 countries. It supplies you with a safe iPhone recovery software and restore option. Head to the instructions below to transfer iPhone messages to your computer.

Often iPhone users wish to save iPhone messages to their PC: to house important memories of conversations, to print SMS text messages or to backup messages for legal reasons. iTunes is a great software to backup iPhone data, and to sync music, photos and videos to your device. Although it can backup your entire iPhone, the software favours multimedia files when it comes to accessing and viewing your data.

Although iTunes helps you to store copy on your Mac or PC, the format in which it is saved makes it hard to read and extract your data without a backup extractor tool. The iTunes backup tool is designed to help you copy iPhone data for a further restore somewhere down the line. It is not built to help you manage your text files, but more so your photos, videos and music files. Although text messages can be backed up in iTunes, iTunes will not allow you to see individual text messages or any individual text files within the backup. Using a smartphone data management tool will allow you to organise and print your text messages

Enigma Recovery™

Transfer iPhone files to a computer with desktop software

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iphone storage almost full

Copy messages from iPhone to computer

If you are interested in recovering your deleted iPhone data, please read our other tutorials to help you gain control of your iPhone data.

Step 1 – Download and install third party tool Enigma Recovery

From your laptop or computer, click to download Enigma Recovery on the menu bar above. Now use the instruction on the page that appears on the download page, to install the software.

Step 2 – Open software on desktop and connect iPhone to computer

After you have installed the software, open it to the start screen and connect your iPhone to the computer

Step 4 – Select data you would like to transfer

Next choose the iPhone file types you’d like to transfer from your iPhone to the computer.

Step 5 – Copy text messages through scan

Start the scan when you are ready, and the software will scan your phone for the file types you have chosen.

Step 6 – View and save transferred iPhone text messages

While you are transferring text messages to your computer, if you have any queries on how to use the software please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team. They are on hand to help you manage your smartphone data.

Printing text messages

To print a thread of text messages, you will need to follow the transfer text messages tutorial above first. After copying text messages from your iPhone to your computer, printing the out afterwards should be super easy.

Enigma Recovery will allow you to save your text message exports in 4 different formats: csv, excel, xml or pdf format. After you have used Enigma Recovery to scan and copy your messages, you can export these messages to your desktop, where they can be opened, edited and printed!

Follow the full tutorial below, to learn how to print your iPhone text messages.

Export & save text messages

Select the Export option after you have reviewed your text messages within the Enigma Recovery window. Be sure to select the best location to save your messages document to retrieve it easily.

Close or minimise Enigma Recovery

This is not an essential step but just to indicate the fact that you are done with the iPhone Recovery software.

Open File & edit

Open your file explorer and find the document where your text messages are saved. You can now organise and edit your text messages.


Now print and check your print settings:

  • One sides or two sided
  • Black and white or colour (have you colour coded your messages?)
  • Landscape or portrait
  • 1 Copy, 2 copies, 3 copies?

I hope you’ve had success with the tutorial above. How did you get on?


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