SmartPhone Recovery PRO Becomes Enigma Recovery

SmartPhone Recovery PRO Becomes Enigma Recovery
SmartPhone Recovery PRO Becomes Enigma Recovery
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Three becomes one

Our SmartPhone Recovery PRO products have been replaced by one powerful recovery solution for iOS device owners – Enigma Recovery. On a mission to make the best innovative solutions for data recovery on smart devices worldwide, Enigma Digital (formerly Infinity Wireless), have released Enigma Recovery. The Enigma Recovery software acts fast in recovering deleted iPhone data from multiple Apple iOS devices. It supports various iOS versions and is the fastest recovery option available on the market.

Smartphone data recovery

It’s very common for smartphone users to lose or delete important information from their devices. In these instances phone manufacturers, operators and mobile retailers are unable to help with mobile data recovery. Often the only choice users have is to restore to a previous backup of the mobile phone (if a backup was created prior to the data loss). During this process however, users lose their most recently created files that were not backed up. To avoid completing a device restore and losing fresh data, users search for ways to recover deleted text messages, contacts, photos and other data online – cue Enigma Recovery. The smart-device data recovery solution captures and restores accidentally deleted and lost mobile data. This is done through a scan of the mobile device, or an iTunes backup file. The software is compatible with:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • iCloud & iTunes backup files
  • iPod Touch devices

Goodbye SmartPhone Recovery PRO

The SmartPhone Recovery PRO range, formerly available via this website, provided users with a way to retrieve deleted data from their smartphones and tablets. The entire range included SmartPhone Recovery PRO for iOS, SmartPhone Recovery PRO for Android and SD Card Recovery. Now the there is one program for iOS device recovery – Enigma Recovery.

Hello Enigma Recovery

The most effective smart device recovery system is now available. Able to support iOS devices and iOS backup files, the Enigma Recovery caters for smartphone devices across the globe, and most likely all the people in your household! It can recover deleted text messages, iMessages, Photos, WhatsApp history and more from iOS devices and backup files.

The software is able to provide acute mobile data recovery in almost every data loss situation. In some cases, even if your phone has been stolen! iPhone data can be recovered without the handset, through a scan of your iPhone backup file. What is an iPhone backup file you say? If you have an iPhone and you have synced your phone to iTunes in the past, this will have created an iPhone backup file on your computer (unless you have disabled this feature). iTunes can backup your text messages, iMessages, contacts, WhatsApp data, photos, videos and more.

What is different?

As well as a more visually pleasing design, the Enigma Recovery is currently able to recover data from iOS devices and backup files. The main difference with the new Enigma software compared to solutions from the Recovery PRO range, is the elimination of Android and SD Card Recovery.

iPhone data recovery

Through the iOS Device option Enigma Recovery, users can recover deleted data from their iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch devices and iTunes backup files (iCloud coming soon). The iOS recovery function is able to revive the following deleted items:

  • Text messages
  • iMessages
  • Contacts
  • Call history
  • Calendar events
  • Viber messages
  • Kik messages

And retrieve the following data types:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Internet history
  • WhatsApp messages


Why is it better?

Complete recovery and restoration

Enigma Recovery was the first smart device data recovery solution in the world to successfully transfer lost data back to the device. The software aims to provide the best iPhone data recovery and data restoration through safe but daring technical processes. With a super easy recovery process, simple enough for the whole family to use, this recovery tool can essentially be used to recover Dad’s accidentally deleted iPhone messages on Monday, find Mum’s lost contacts on Wednesday, and locate little Jonny’s erased Notes on Saturday.

Recovers more data

More intelligent algorithms have been added to the Enigma Recovery as our team of developers has grown significantly! We have been able to tweak the recovery algorithms in the latest Enigma Recovery software release, to surpass the data recovery capabilities of the Recovery PRO range. Users switching over from the SmartPhone Recovery PRO to the Enigma Recovery will be able to notice the difference immediately. From installation right through to restoration, the new software offers users a better experience.

Data restoration

Enigma Recovery also provides users with a way of restoring deleted data back to their devices. In some cases, back to the app from which they were deleted! The Restore app, available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, is a free app created by Enigma Digital. It enables users to send deleted text messages, contacts, WhatsApp data and more, back to their device once it has been recovered in the Enigma Recovery.

The app helps transport data recovered by the software, safely back to the device. With certain data types, the app will even allow users to send deleted data back to the native app where the data originated. For example, deleted iPhone contacts can be transferred back to the native iPhone Contacts app.

Your experience

The Enigma Recovery software offers a better experience to users not only because of the enhanced recovery ability, but the scan time has also been reduced. After connecting your device or selecting a file to scan within the new interface, you are able to choose the data type you would like to scan for. This reduces the recovery time, as you are not choosing to scan the whole device. If you are unsure of whether the Enigma Recovery is right for you, download the free trial today and see how much data you can recover!

Please do let us know of your experience using our software and apps. You can give feedback through the Enigma Recovery software or through the review section in our apps.


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