SIM Recovery PRO for SIM/MicroSIM

Recover deleted SMS Text Messages and manage SIM Card data with our USB SIM card reader and software.

Windows only

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* This is a physical product – USB stick suitable for Windows computers.


Quick and safe recovery of your deleted messages

Here’s what you can do with our SIM recovery software and SIM card reader:

  • Recover deleted SMS Messages (SMS must be saved to SIM)
  • View last dialled numbers and set fixed dial numbers
  • Manage phonebook and SMS information easily
  • Backup, edit and restore important contact and SMS data
  • Permanently delete SMS Text Messages

SIM Recovery PRO

How it works

1. Install

Install SIM Recovery PRO software on your PC

2. Connect

Insert your SIM Card into the card reader and connect to your PC

3. Recover

Recover your deleted SMS Text Messages

4. Export

Export recovered messages to desktop

Support & FAQ’s

We’re here for you 24/5

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I cannot see my contacts when I insert the SIM card into the reader

Please make sure that your contacts are saved to the SIM Card and not the mobile phone memory.

I am unable to download and install the SIM Recovery PRO software

If you do not have a CD Drive in your computer and are unable to download the SIM Recovery PRO software, you can download it directly here.

I have set the option to ‘Save to SIM’ on my device but I still cannot view any deleted SMS Messages

Recovery of deleted text messages is subject to the cell phone option “Save to SIM” on SMS text messages. Only messages deleted after this setting can be recovered.

Why can’t I read the contacts from my iPhone?

The iPhone® does not save contacts to the SIM card, however you can copy your contacts from your old SIM card to your iPhone SIM card using this product. If you need to recover deleted contacts or SMS Text Messages from your iPhone, please use the SmartPhone Recovery PRO for iPhone.

Can the SIM Recovery PRO work with any another 3rd party software.

No, The SIM Recovery PRO is not a standard card reader and will only work with the software supplied.

I have the SIM Recovery PRO 2 but it saves the SMS information as a FSM or FPB file. What do I need to do to be able to read data?

The SIM Recovery PRO 2 will create backup files of your SIM card data to your PC. Its default extension for these files is FSM for SMS messages and FPB for your contacts. By clicking on the file type dropdown, it is possible to save the file as a CSV or TXT formatted file.

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