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    Paul Ratilla

    Customer Support Worker

    Paul has 8 years experience as a level 2 technical support agent. He specialises in Windows and Mac desktop software support from software installation to printer configuration, network configuration, security configuration and phone data recovery.

  • James

    James A. Baylon

    Customer Support Team Leader

    James has 11 years experience as a level 3 technical support agent. He is an expert in Mac and Windows desktop software installations, troubleshooting, printer configuration, network configuration and phone data recovery.

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    Alvin Suan

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    Alvin has 5 years experience as a tier 3 technical support specialist. He specialises in Microsoft products, Windows desktop software, internet connectivity and trouble shooting.

Customer reviews

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“I would recommend it”

“I would recommend it to everyone who needs to recover lost information from their iPhone.”


“Enigma Recovery worked great”

“Enigma Recovery worked great in recovering pictures that didn’t save to my iCloud or my PC. Pictures that had been sent to me in iMessages. I’m grateful that the software worked so well and I was able to recover pictures from a loved one who has passed. Thank you ? “

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“That was quick!”

“It only took me about 15 minutes to get my data back. Downloaded the software, scanned my iPhone in about 10 minutes and another 5 to purchase and export. That was quick!”


“…retrieved exactly what I was looking for”

“Amazing to see a company that cares about the end user in a personal way!! I seamlessly installed the software and retrieved exactly what I was looking for and more. I’m happy to say I shared the experience with several parents and a local iPhone repair store here in Florida. The real deal was the “Try before you buy” so I could see the functionality of the software. Thank your team for a great product!!”


“100% satisfied “

“100% satisfied with this software, lost texts which I needed for a legal battle and Enigma Recovery retrieved them and saved the day , thanks so much.”

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Jacob Hooo

“…helped me out in a tough spot”

“Thanks guys, you helped me out in a tough spot! I absolutely HAD to recover a deleted call log entry and Enigma Recovery did exactly that!”


“…positive experience”

“I have had a positive experience with Enigma Recovery. I was able to use the software to retrieve important texts and WhatsApp conversations when I changed my phone. I was very dubious about the effectiveness of this program when I purchased it but was happily surprised by easily I found what I needed.”

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Leslie H

“Worked for me!”

“I was a bit confused about how the software works but the support staff helped me out and i was able to recover my precious messages – worked for me!”

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Benny J

“Got some data back”

“Got some data back, like text messages and some deleted contacts but not all I wanted. There were some old pics I really wanted to recover, but no luck.”

Jonathan S

“Thank you Enigma recovery!”

“I was successful in retrieving important text messages that were deleted from my device! Thank you Enigma recovery!”


“…life-saving software”

“An absolute life-saving software. Had lots of information saved and lots of personal texts that I wanted to retain, which got deleted by one swipe and a tap- (apple should DEFINITELY look into it). Tried contacting apple too but all doors were closed there. Came across this in the internet and read the reviews there, and I must say that this is more than I paid for. All messages, photos were retrieved. The previously deleted messages were accessible as well and the best part is we can back them up in any format we like or restore them back in the phone as well – all with just the click of a button. Thanks Enigma! “

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Ron D

“Didn’t work”

“Didn’t work for me at all 🙁 , refunded.”

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“I got there in the end”

“Enigma staff was very helpful and helped me to recover my data and put it back on my iPhone6. I got there in the end.”

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Jonathan Duram

“Superb experience using it”

“Great software, good price, superb experience using it”

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Big Lenny

“Everything worked as expected”

“Apple wouldn’t help me when my data disappeared after iOS update so i Used EnigmaRecovery to recover my messages. Everything worked as expected.”

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Gregory Kane

“Great product”

“Great product, great support from the guys!”

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“Great price!”

“Easy to set up, Easy to use, Great price!”

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Roger Coup

“There really aren’t many negative points”

“Waiting for them to release an app to do it all! There really aren’t many negative points I have about the software itself.”

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S. Bowler

“It works!”

“It works! No mess, no fuss. And they have great support staff.”

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Richie Roe

“A fraction of the price…”

“A fraction of the price I thought it would be.”

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Alison Megan

“So happy…”

“So happy I found this webpage and software! I was able to recover not only deleted messages I was looking for , but also lost photos and WhatsApp pictures 😀 I’m so happy and happy with my purchase.”

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Donna Myl


“EnigmaRecovery works great!”

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Peggy N

“…but didn’t recover all the messages”

“Disappointing..Worked on my iPhone 4 but didn’t recover all the messages I wanted it to.”

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Tee Tee

“Thank you!!”

“Thank you!! Got deleted messages and memos back no problems from my Samsung. Now my sister is using it on her iPhone :D”

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Jesse Simpson

“I was able to recover deleted…”

“Although the scan took some time, I was able to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from my iPhone 5c”

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“The software is extremely easy to use…”

“The software is extremely easy to use, makes retrieving deleted data as easy as an anti-virus scan 🙂 “

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“Very good software, very helpful staff.”

“Very good software, very helpful staff. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to recover deleted data from their mobile phone.”

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“I am really glad I found this!!”

“I am really glad I found this!! So relieved to have lost photos back!”

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Helen Hatchett

“I would have though it would be quicker.”

“Quite a lengthy process I’d say. The download particularly took a long time. Then the scan was quite long also. I would have though it would be quicker.”

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Jaz Baby

“Very happy customer right here!”

“I accidentally wiped a few vital messages from my iphone 6 a week ago. I started searching how I could get hem back and came across Enigma Recovery and decided to give it a try not knowing whether it actually works or not! I downloaded it to my laptop and scanned my iPhone and woowoo!! I was able to recover the exact messages I was looking for! Very happy customer right here!”

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“This worked for me…”

“This worked for me, it is an amazing solution”

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“Thank you”

“I beyond appreciate your help and excellent customer service! Thank you”

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Robin Beesley

“Good program”

“Good program, a bit slow “

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Jonathan Duram

“Superb experience using it”

“Great software, good price, superb experience using it”

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“Good software”

“Good software”


“Thumbs up!”

“My feedback is positive after using this software. It found the exact messages I was looking for, and it transferred it back to my phone successfully, Thumbs up!”

Susan Melby

“Absolutely superb experience”

“Absolutely superb experience using this software after loosing all my messages and contacts I was able to recover it all :)”

David Rose

“It did recover some data afterwards”

“Problems scanning at first but, yes it did recover some data afterwards”

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“Great software”

“Great software and app!”

Alice Hewet

“I’m so relieved!”

“Can’t believe everything I was able to recover! I’m so relieved!”

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“It worked very well!”

“I am grateful to this program. After I dropped my phone into the sink full of water and soap, my phone did not turn back on. I used the Recovery program to get my messages, contacts and WhatsApp back. It worked very well!”

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Louise Graaa

“So pleased”

“So pleased I recovered my old WhatsApp messages :)”

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Cheeky Sal

“It worked!”

“It worked! Thank you so much!”


“I did not get this with some of the messages”

“I needed the date/time stamps along with the messages sent and I did not get this with some of the messages. This was disappointing”

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Archie K


“Got missing iPhone data back, thanks!”

Harakevet Street

“It went well, thanks.”

“Deleted messages from my iPhone 5c earlier this year and was able to recover them through this software and this website. It went well, thanks.”

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Rissa kisses

“Thank yew Enigma!!”

“Thank yew Enigma!! Recovered lost pictures and videos with your software :D”

D Swanners


“Recovered lost pictures and messages. Thanks”

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“I am happy with the results!”

“I used the recovery system to find nots I had deleted from my iPad and it worked! I am happy with the results!”


“After the scan…”

“After the scan not much data was retrieved”

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Jeff B.

“Thanks guys!”

“Thanks to your support team, I received the messages and contacts I was looking for. Thanks guys!”


“Thank you…”

“Thank you Enigma Recovery team!!!”

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“OMG works so well!!”

Ben Dunbar

“Thank you very much!!”

“I neeeded really badly to recover my messages and this software Enigma Recovery Helped me to do that. Thank you very much!!”