Restore your deleted Instagram post

You can now recover and restore it within 30 days

Restore your deleted Instagram post
Restore your deleted Instagram post

Instagram has been with us since 2010, but has changed radically since then. After its acquisition by Facebook in 2012 it has undergone countless modifications and improvements. One of its newest and much anticipated features, ‘Recently Deleted’, allows you to restore a post you have deleted, whether on purpose or accidentally. Even if your account has been hacked and some content deleted, you will now be able to retrieve it. Instagram has also added protections to help deter hackers from accessing your account and removing or restoring content.

As with other apps like ‘Photos’ on iPhone, you have 30 days to recover the deleted post whether it’s a photo, video, reel, IGTV video or story. After this time, the post will be permanently erased automatically. One thing to note: stories that are not in your archive will only stay in the Recently Deleted folder for 24 hours before they are permanently removed.

To restore your post, go to Profile > Settings > Account > Recently Deleted. As it is a brand-new feature you’ll need to have the latest version of Instagram, so make sure you keep your app up to date.

We think this is a great feature. Asking users to verify that they are the rightful account holders when deleting or restoring posts with ‘Recently Deleted’ will both deter hackers and give you greater control over your content.

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