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Restore Deleted Data to Your IPhone

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Q – “Is it possible to restore deleted data to my iPhone?”

A – Yes it is possible to restore deleted data to your Apple device. Not many people are aware that if you have an iPhone, iPad or an iPod Touch, you can easily recover and restore deleted iPhone messages, contacts, WhatsApp, notes and more. Just follow the simple tutorial below!

Accidentally deleted messages? Lost contacts? Erased notes?

It’s incredibly frustrating to lose important iPhone data, whether it was an accidental thumb slip, an iOS update, or a faulty iPhone backup that was the cause. If you’re in this situation right now, the time for worrying is now over, as this article it going to tell you exactly how to restore deleted iPhone data…

…and don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest silly tips like “try turning it off and on!” No, what we’re providing here is forensic data recovery, built for absolutely anyone to use!

Obviously not everyone is computer literate or a technical genius, but you don’t have to be to perform forensic data recovery on your iPhone (you don’t even need those fancy white gloves they use on CSI either). All you need is Enigma Recovery, and the accompanying free Restore app. Your tutorial awaits you below!

restore deleted iPhone data

Enigma Recovery

The Enigma Recovery program specialises is data recovery and restoration for iOS Apple devices, Android devices and SD cards. It’s extremely easy to use with both Windows and Mac versions available. The program, downloaded in more than 150 countries around the world, guarantees 100% safety for all iOS devices. Unlike others of its kind, the software copies rather than extracts files from the iPhone or iPhone backup file.

After accidentally deleting your iOS data, the software effectively retrieves these files from your iPhone or iTunes backup file. With it, you are able to recover deleted: Text Messages, iMessages, Contacts, WhatsApp Messages, Notes, Call history and Calendar events. Now with the introduction of the free Restore app, downloads have skyrocketed!

The Restore option within the Enigma Recovery interface allows you to transfer deleted data that has been recovered, back to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After a click of the ‘Restore’ button within the software, users then download the Restore app (free in the App Store) and recovered data is transferred instantly to the phone. The entire process is 100% safe for your iPhone, data and settings, as it bypasses the use of the internet for data transfer. Instead the software transfers files back to the device through the iPhone USB cable.

If you haven’t done so already, download Enigma Recovery now to recover and restore deleted data to your iPhone.

*This tutorial works for iPhone 6/6 plus/6s/6s plus/5/5s/5c/se/4/4s and also iPad and iPod Touch versions.

Part One – Recover deleted iPhone data

There are two parts to sending deleted data back to your iPhone. Part one is the recovery with Enigma Recovery and part two is the restore process with ‘Restore – Recover Lost Data‘. Here are the instructions for part one:

1. Download Enigma Recovery (click download link above)

2. Connect iPhone to computer

3. Trust computer

4. Start scan

5. View deleted data

For full tutorial please visit: Best Way to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone

Part Two – Restore deleted data to your iPhone

Now we come to the main event – restoring deleted data to your iPhone! After you have scanned your phone with Enigma Recovery, you’ll be able to view deleted data found on your device. Take some time to look through your recovered data.

As well as a trip down memory lane, reminding you just how long you have had your iPhone, you may find other important items you’d like to restore, other than the original lost files that had you searching for this tutorial!

Once you’ve done this check you have everything you need from the list below, and start the tutorial below.

You will need:

  • Your iPhone
  • Your iPhone charger cable
  • Your recovered data in the full version of Enigma Recovery
  • A WiFi, 3G or 4G connection

1. Select data

Use the tick boxes down the left-hand side of the features tab you are in, to select data you would like to send back to your phone. (Remember, only deleted data can be sent back). Now make sure your iPhone is connected to the computer and click ‘Restore’.

2. Download Restore app

Are you connected to WiFi? Or is your data turned on? Open the App Store on your iPhone and download the Restore app. You can find it by typing ‘restore’ into the search-box and scrolling down until you see ‘Restore – Recover Lost Data‘. Once the app is installed, go back to the Enigma Recovery window and click ‘Next’.

3. Restore deleted iPhone data

Now select how much data you are restoring from the options given, and click ‘Restore’.

5. Sending data…

The software will now transfer deleted data back to your iPhone through the USB cable.

6. View your restored data

You can now view your restored data. Open the Restore app and tap the features tabs. You can open messages, contacts, WhatsApp etc to view your restored data.

Enigma Recovery

We hope you’ve had success in restoring deleted iPhone data! Need any extra help using the software? Contact our Support Team at: We’re happy to help 🙂

restored deleted iphone data

Prevent loss of iPhone data

It’s good to regularly backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod in iTunes or iCloud to save your data. This way you can protect your data if ever you accidentally delete items, if your device is stolen, misplaced or damaged. Enigma Recovery can pretty much help you retrieve your data in pretty much any dire situation, (even if you drop your phone in the loo!)

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  2. I have NO itunes or icloud backup. 3 days ago, my notes and some other info (whatsapp chats etc) DISAPPEARED from my iphone 5s. Can I get this data back?

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