How to recover deleted Safari history on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Find out how you can recover deleted Safari history on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Whether you need to find the address of a website you visited or print a reliable record of internet browsing data, we can help.

Method 1: Check your device settings

The first place you should check for Safari history is your device itself. On your iPhone or iPod Touch, tap on the ‘Bookmark’ icon at the bottom of an open Safari window (if you’re using an iPad, the icon will be at the top of the screen), then tap on the clock icon. Your browsing history will be listed here. However, Apple devices don’t only store browsing data in the Safari app: this information is also saved in your Settings. So, there’s a chance that you can view your deleted internet history here:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  2. Scroll down and select ‘Safari’.
  3. Scroll down and select ‘Advanced’.
  4. Select ‘Website Data’.
  5. Select ‘Show All Sites’ and use the search functionality to help you.

No luck? Try recovering deleted Safari history from an iTunes or iCloud backup, or directly from your device.

Method 2: Restore an iTunes or iCloud backup

If your device was backed up to iTunes or iCloud after you visited the website(s) but before the history was deleted, you can recover this browsing data by restoring the backup to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

However, the one big downside is that you’ll have to wipe your device first. This means that you will lose Safari browsing history — and all other types of data — created since the backup was taken.

To recover backed-up Safari history without a factory restore, you’ll need iOS data recovery software like Enigma Recovery. This allows you to extract data from iTunes or iCloud without making any changes to your device. Our software can also help if you don’t have a backup. Read on to find out more.

Method 3: Recover Safari data with Enigma Recovery

Enigma Recovery allows you to extract Safari history from an iTunes or iCloud backup — without making any changes to your device. You can then view and save the recovered browsing data on your computer. Find out how below.

If you don’t have a suitable backup, you can use our software to recover deleted Safari history from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s database. Follow the steps below as soon as possible to increase the chance of successful recovery.

  1. Download Enigma Recovery

Grab your PC or Mac and download Enigma Recovery from this website. Install and open the software to the start screen.

Download and open Enigma Recovery
  1. Connect your account or device

Choose your recovery method from the left-hand menu then connect your iTunes account, iCloud account or device accordingly.

Select itunes or icloud to recover
  1. Start the recovery process

Select the data type(s) that you would like to recover — in this case, Safari — then click ‘Start Scan’ and wait for it to finish.

Scan for safari data
  1. View recovered data

On the free trial, you can view a limited amount of recovered browsing data in the ‘Safari’ tab.

View recovered browsing data
  1. Upgrade your license

Upgrade to the full version of Enigma Recovery to view and manage all of your recovered files.

Upgrade your Enigma licence
  1. Save recovered data

You can save recovered Safari history to your computer in a CSV, XML, PDF or XLSL file format.

Save and export safari data

What’s next?

Deleting Safari history protects your privacy and frees up space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. However, as you’ve discovered, there’s a chance you’ll want to access this internet browsing data later. That’s why we’d recommend creating regular backups using iTunes, iCloud and Enigma Recovery.

If you haven’t been able to recover deleted Safari history using one of the methods above, our support team might be able to help. We can also help you recover other types of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch data, including deleted call history and videos.

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