How to recover Kik messages on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Learn how to recover Kik messages on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, so you can get your important conversations back. Due to security and privacy features, it’s not possible to recover messages through the Kik app, but there are three other options:

If you’re wondering why your Kik messages disappeared, read on to learn about the possible reasons, so you can try to avoid it happening again in the future. If you’re affected by wider data loss, find out how we can help you recover all your most important iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch files.

Where did my Kik messages go?

While privacy and security are some of the main reasons that people use Kik, they also make it easy to lose messages you want to keep. For starters, old Kik messages are automatically deleted โ€” in the iOS app, you’ll see a maximum of 1,000 messages in chats from the last 48 hours, and 500 messages in older conversations.

Also, your Kik chat history is cleared when you log out of your account, log in to your account on another device, delete your Kik app, or deactivate your account.

We’ve also heard of users who’ve accidentally deleted conversations or lost them after a failed iOS update. Whatever the reason for your Kik messages disappearing, we can help you get them back. Read on to find out how to retrieve them from your iTunes backup, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

iTunes backup required Device required Restore messages to Kik app Back up to your computer
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Option 1: Restore Kik messages from iTunes

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch was backed up to iTunes after your Kik messages were created, but before they were lost or deleted, you can restore this backup in order to get them back.

This will reset your Kik app to the way it was when the backup was taken, meaning that you will restore old Kik messages but may lose more recent ones. Other apps and settings will also be reset, meaning that you could lose a significant amount of device data.

It’s also important to bear in mind that messages restored to the Kik app are vulnerable to being lost or deleted again.

You can avoid these problems by using Enigma Recovery to retrieve and back up your Kik messages. Read on to find out more.

Option 2: Recover and back up Kik messages from iTunes

Enigma Recovery software allows you to recover Kik messages from any iTunes backup. You can then view them on your computer and back them up in CSV, XML, PDF or XLSX format.

This method allows you to recover backed up Kik messages without overwriting data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch โ€” in fact, you don’t need an Apple device at all. And, by creating a backup rather than restoring to the app, you don’t have to worry about the chats being lost or deleted again.

1. Download Enigma Recovery

Download Enigma Recovery, on your Mac or PC. Follow the on-screen installation instructions and wait for the software to open.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

2. Choose your backup file

Select ‘Recover from my iTunes’ then choose the backup file most likely to contain your old Kik messages, using the date column to help you. If necessary, you can always try another file later.

Select itunes or icloud backup to recover data from

3. Start the recovery

Select ‘Kik’ from the data types list then press ‘Start scan’. (You can also choose to recover files from other apps, such as Messages and WhatsApp, at this stage.) Wait for the scan to finish.

select kik data type and scan

4. View old Kik messages

If you are using the free trial of Enigma Recovery, you can view a limited selection of recovered Kik messages in the Kik tab. To view all recovered conversations, upgrade to the full version.

View recovered kik messages

5. Back up your Kik messages

After upgrading, you can export your recovered Kik messages in CSV, XML, PDF or XLSX format through the ‘Export & Restore menu’. This allows you to create a reliable and easily accessible backup.

export recovered kik messages

Option 3: Recover and back up Kik messages from your device

When files are deleted from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, they are stored in your device’s back-end database until they are overwritten. You can recover these files, including deleted Kik messages, using specialist iOS recovery software like Enigma Recovery.

Overwriting can happen quickly, so follow the instructions below as soon as possible for the best chance of recovering deleted Kik messages:

  1. Download and install Enigma Recovery on your Mac or PC.
  2. Select ‘Recover from my iOS device’ from the left-hand menu.
  3. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the computer. Follow any onscreen instructions on your device.
  4. Select ‘Kik’ from the data types menu then click ‘Start scan’.
  5. Once the scan is complete, view a limited number of retrieved Kik messages in the Kik tab. Purchase a license to view all recovered data.
  6. If you have upgraded to the full version of Enigma Recovery, you can back up your recovered Kik messages by exporting them in a CSV, XML, PDF or XLSX file.

What’s next?

We hope that you were able to recover Kik messages using one of the methods above. If not, our friendly support team may be able to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Remember, there are lots of ways to lose Kik messages, so it’s a good idea to back yours up regularly. Enigma Recovery offers the best solution, because it allows you to view and save your Kik messages outside the app.

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