iPod Touch data recovery

Learn how to recover lost or deleted iPod Touch data using an iTunes/iCloud backup or our data recovery software.

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Compatible with Windows and Mac computers

An iPod Touch stores so much more than music — from precious photos and videos to important work notes — so it can be devastating when files are lost or accidentally deleted. However, there’s no need to panic, because iPod Touch data recovery is possible.

You can restore data with or without iTunes, with or without iCloud, and with or without the iPod Touch in question. All you need is the working device or a backup.

Method 1: Restore an iPod Touch backup

If you have an iPod Touch backup on iTunes or iCloud, you can restore this to a new or existing device. This allows you to recover all data and settings from the time the backup was taken. See our instructions on:

When restoring an existing iPod Touch, it’s important to note that the backup will overwrite everything on your device, potentially resulting in additional data loss. However, using the instructions below, it is possible to restore an iPod Touch without losing data.

Method 2: Restore an iPod Touch without losing data

Using our iPod Touch data recovery software, you can extract certain data types from an iTunes or iCloud backup. Unlike a full device restore, this method allows you to recover backed-up files without losing more recent data.

Once your iPod Touch files have been recovered, you can view them in the software, export them to your computer, and potentially restore them to your device.

  1. Download Enigma Recovery

    Download and install Enigma Recovery on your Mac or Windows computer. The free trial allows you to preview recoverable data.

  2. Choose your recovery method

    Decide whether to recover data from iTunes, iCloud or your iPod Touch and connect your account or device accordingly.

  3. Select data types to recover

    You can use any method to recover iPod Touch iMessages, contacts, calls history, notes and calendar events. iTunes recovery also gives you the option to recover Kik and Viber messages.

  4. View your recovered iPod Touch data

    Start the scan and wait a few minutes or so for it to finish, depending on the amount of data. Preview recovered files in the data types tab – upgrade to the full version to view all recovered files and continue on to export or restore data.

  5. Export your recovered files

    Use the ‘Export & Restore’ menu to save recovered files to a destination of your choice. This creates a backup, and allows you to edit, transfer or print the data. To view the exported files on your iPod Touch, import them to a compatible app or online tool.

  6. Restore files to your iPod Touch

    You can view recovered calendar events, call history, contacts, iMessages, notes, text messages and WhatsApp messages on your iPod Touch via our Restore app. Simply download the app from the App Store, connect your device to the computer, then select your files > ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Restore to device’.

  7. Transfer files to their native app

    You can create a new calendar event or contact within Restore to transfer this data type back to its native app. Notes can be copy and pasted across to the Apple Notes app.

What’s next?

Whether you restored a backup or used our iPod Touch data recovery software, you should now have access to your lost or deleted files. Make sure to create a backup and review your settings if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget that our iOS recovery software is also compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.

Install Enigma Recovery on Windows & Mac computers

Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac OS 10.7 to 10.14

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Compatible with Windows and Mac computers