Recover Deleted Text Messages from SIM Card

Recover Deleted Text Messages from SIM Card
Recover Deleted Text Messages from SIM Card
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The SIM Recovery PRO is a forensic recovery too built for the everyday user, to recover deleted text messages from SIM card. As well as a fully functioning SIM card reader, the SIM Recovery PRO allows users to view, save and organise deleted SMS text messages saved to the SIM, rather than the phone itself. Find out how to use the SIM Recovery PRO below.

The SIM Recovery PRO

The SIM PRO is a useful tool with an extremely easy method of use: 1. Install software > 2. Connect SIM card > 3. Recover > 4. Export and save. We’ve also labelled the SIM Recovery PRO, ‘The ultimate SIM card management tool’ as it enables users to efficiently manage other data contained on the SIM, including editing and creating: contacts, SMS text messages and fixed dialled numbers (the only contacts the SIM allows the phone to call).

Most popularly, the SIM PRO is used to recover deleted text messages from SIM cards. If your phone is set to save messages to your SIM, the SIM PRO can recover them – even if they have been deleted! That includes standard and micro SIM cards, allowing you to retrieve smartphone text messages too. With the micro SIM adapter and USB adapter included, the SIM PRO works with any Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating system.

The SIM Recovery PRO has four main functions:

  1. Recovering deleted Text Messages from SIM card
  2. Retrieving Text Messages from SIM card
  3. Permanently deleting Text Messages
  4. Setting fix dialled numbers to a SIM card

recover deleted iphone messages

Recover Deleted Text Messages from your SIM Card

Easily retrieve deleted Text Messages from SIM card

Recovering deleted text messages has become a highly popular need lately. In answer to the demand, smartphone data recovery programs such as Enigma Recovery now exist to recover deleted data directly from iPhones and Android handsets, and also SD cards. However sometimes sms messages are set to be saved to the SIM card rather than the phone itself. These SIM cards will house deleted text messages also. In these cases the SIM Recovery PRO is used to retrieve deleted text messages. The program scans the SIM card inserted, and retrieves all text messages – deleted and existing. To recover deleted text messages from your SIM card, simply:

1. Install the SIM Recovery PRO software

2. Connect your SIM to the computer/laptop (using the USB adapter provided)

3. Select the SMS tab

4. Select ‘Read SIM’ and then view your data!

**If the SIM has been locked with a SIM pin you will need that code to access the SIM card database

Retrieve Text Messages from SIM Card

Recover existing text messages from your SIM card

Other benefits of the SIM Recovery PRO include capturing existing messages contained on the SIM, editing them and saving them. Retrieving existing text messages from a SIM card is simple using the SIM Recovery PRO. This function is often used during legal proceedings where texts message conversations are saved, filed and submitted to be included in the proceedings. They are also retrieved for sentimental purposes, to capture a moment or save a memory. Exporting messages once they have been extracted from the SIM is easy:

1. Select ‘File backup’

2. Save in the location of your choice

Permanently Delete Text Messages

Delete confidential messages before selling or lending your phone

If you’re thinking of selling your phone or lending it out to someone, you may want to permanently erase text messages left on SIM, you can do so with the SIM PRO. We’ve all heard the stories of deleted data being resurrected from a mobile phone; data created by the phone’s previous owner.

It is recommended that before selling a phone on, you first erase all the data maintained on your phone or SIM database to prevent any confidential information being leaked. Deleted messages can still remain on a SIM card if they have been saved there. If you’re thinking of selling your phone or lending it out for a while, you can permanently delete deleted text messages using the SIM Recovery PRO:

1. From within the SMS tab, select the messages you wish to delete

2. Hit the ‘Permanently delete’ button

Set Fixed Dialled Numbers

Program the SIM to only call a set list of contacts

Setting fixed dialled numbers (FDN) allows you to manage contacts the SIM is allowed to call. E.g. Your child’s first phone – issued for emergency purposes – can be programmed to only contact your number, and any other friends family or guardians.

When fixing dialled numbers, the inserted contacts are added to the FDN list (a list in the SIM card). Users need to also enable this function in the mobile phone before the fixed numbers can be set. Once the numbers have been added, the FDN restricts outgoing calls to only the specific numbers added to the list.

Additional Features

View your last dialled numbers

As well as fixing dialled numbers to the SIM card, you can also view the call history of the SIM card. The call log of the SIM card can also be saved to the desktop. This function is also used for legal purposes. Revealing the last dialled numbers of a SIM is easy with the SIM Recovery PRO. Once the software is open you will gain access to the SMS, Phonebook and last dialled numbers (provided the SIM is not pin protected).

Manage your phonebook and SMS information

Another additional feature of the SIM PRO, is the ability to edit and save phonebook contacts and SMS text messages. As with any SIM card reader the SIM Recovery PRO allows you to create, edit and save phonebook contacts and SMS text messages. This function is great for setting up a child’s first phone, or the phone of a first time mobile phone user.

If you need help using the SIM Recovery PRO, please don’t hesitate to contact the Support Team who will be happy to help:

Want to recover deleted text messages from SIM card? Order the SIM Recovery PRO today!


Sarah McGregor joined the Enigma Recovery Team in June 2014. As Digital and Content Marketing Executive she writes help blogs and ‘How to’ articles for the website. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys connecting with our customers through social media and email.


  • Theresa at 11:42 pm

    How do I retrieve SMS messages from an android phone that took place almost I year and six months ago

    • Hi Theresa,

      Unfortunately our software is not compatible with Android phones. But You should be able to find a solution for deleted Android text messages here: Android Central.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Leanne Foster at 6:07 pm

    How far back does enigma recovery retrieve deleted text messages that were never backed up? I am trying to retrieve an entire text history with a friend that I accidentally deleted from my iPhone 6. It’s been about a month since I deleted them. I already ran the enigma recovery scan and all my texts came through, both those deleted and those not deleted, but not the ones I’m looking for. Is there s way to retrieve deleted texts from a specific phone number? Also, many of the 20,000 texts that were retrieved show as unknown, why did this happen and will I have to click on every unknown in order to figure out who they’re from?

  • priyanka at 6:54 pm

    i need help to know that, i have lost my sim card and it is deactivate. so is there any way to get massage and call details of that sim. its urgent i need it for some legal issues.


  • can i recover my last six month deledted sms from sim card, now sim card is deactivate, please help me, it is a legal issue

  • steve at 11:35 am

    hi guys i have an old 02 uk sim card and sony ericson phone that is over years old.
    l powered it up and works fine. however there are texts messages deleted that i now need to recover from either the sim or phone.
    Is this possible or are they gone from deleted?

  • Allison at 1:51 am

    I know very little about this, but Will this work on a tracfone ~ ZTE phone? The SIM card has #s on it, so I don’t Know if that means anything……

  • Naqash Ahmad at 5:27 am

    I have replaced my sim due to misplace of old sim card. so can I get / recover sms detail from new sim card or not.

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