How to Recover Data from a Dead iPhone

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How to Recover Data from a Dead iPhone
How to Recover Data from a Dead iPhone
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Although you may feel like the world has ended after your iPhone has broken down, don’t panic! This article will give you all the details you need to recover data from your dead iPhone.

If your iPhone won’t restart even after you charged it, restarted it manually or connected it to a computer, then it’s safe to say that it’s officially dead. We understand your concern for the dead device, but the first thing you need to take care of is your data. The most common ways people damage their iPhone include dropping the phone in water and breaking the screen. iPhones can be declared dead even after unsuccessful software upgrades or other types of errors.

Your Three Options

You have three possibilities when it comes to recovering data from your dead iPhone. The first one involves connecting the dead iPhone to a computer to extract files directly from the device. The second is to recover iPhone data from your iTunes or iCloud backup files. All of these options are available to you right here.

Enigma Recovery is a tool used to extract deleted and existing files from iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch. The software uses advanced algorithms to recover, retrieve and export data even if your device is dead or if it’s no longer in your possession.

Enigma Recovery software can be used to recover the following types of data from your dead iPhone:

  • iMessages
  • Notes
  • Photos (from backup files)
  • Videos (from backup files)
  • Calendar entries
  • WhatsApp history (from backup files)
  • Internet history (from backup files)
  • Text messages
  • Call history
  • Contacts

Enigma Recovery™

Recover data from a dead iPhone using your PC/Mac

1. Recover Data from a Dead iPhone using a USB Cable

Enigma Recovery it’s easy to use and it keeps your entire data safe by creating a copy of your iPhone’s database, allowing you to transfer it to your computer. Download the software, install it on your computer and follow the next steps to recover data from a dead iPhone.

Step 1 – Open Enigma Recovery

After installing the software on your PC, open it to the start screen.

Step 2 – Connect the device to the computer

Using a USB cable, make the connection between the two devices.

Step 3 – Trust computer

In order to recover data from your dead iPhone, you must trust the computer first. Enigma Recovery will recognize your iPhone immediately.

Step 4 – Chose Data

On this step you must choose what type of data you want to recover. If you wish to recover all of it, click on “Select all”.

Step 5 – Recovered Data

After scanning the device, the software will show you the deleted and existing data that has been recovered. Each type of data can be seen in detail, by clicking on the left side list.

Step 6 – Export

After choosing what you want to transfer to your computer, hit the “Export” button. On this step you can choose to transfer all of the recovered data, the current tab or the selected files. That’s it! Your existing and deleted files are now recovered safely.

2. Recover Data from a Dead iPhone using an iTunes Backup File

Every time you sync your iPhone with iTunes, a backup file is created on your computer, containing a copy of the data that’s stored on your device at that exact moment. iTunes was designed for restoring data on your device, but these backup files can also be used to recover data from dead iPhones.

The next steps will describe in detail how to recover data from a dead iPhone, using an iTunes backup file. If you haven’t synced your iPhone before, Enigma Recovery will have no backup file to extract data from, so move on to the next solution: Recover Data from a Dead iPhone using iCloud.

Step 1 – Download, install and open Enigma Recovery

Install the software on your computer, and open it.

Step 2 – Recover data from iTunes backup file

Click on “Recover from iTunes backup”, on the left side menu.

Step 3 – iTunes backups

All of the available iTunes backup files will appear on the main screen. Pick the one that you wish to recover data from.

Step 4 – Choose what data to recover from the dead iPhone

On this step you have the possibility to choose what type of data to recover from the backup file. If you click on “Select all”, the software will start scanning all of the data.

Step 5 – Recovered files

Scanning the iTunes backup file might take a while, depending on how much data there is to recover from it. All the deleted and existing data found by the software will appear on the main screen. You can click on each one of them for a more detailed view.

Step 6 – Export

Pick what data you wish to recover from the dead iPhone’s backup file, and then click on “Export” to transfer it to your computer.

3. Recover Data from a Dead iPhone using iCloud

Your iPhone is backing up with iCloud by default, every time it is charging, the screen is locked and the Wi-Fi is turned on. This means that if you didn’t change this setting in the past, you will be able to recover data from your dead iPhone using Enigma Recovery and iCloud backups in no time!

All you have to do is download Enigma Recovery on your computer, and follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open Enigma Recovery

After installing the data recovery software, open it to the start screen.

Step 2 – Recover from iCloud

Pick the “Recover from iCloud” option from the left and add your iCloud ID log.

Step 3 – iCloud backup files

After logging in, pick the iCloud backup file that you want to extract data from.

Step 4 – Choose data

Pick what type of data you want to recover from your dead iPhone’s iCloud backup and allow Enigma Recovery to extract the selected data.

Step 5 – View recovered data and export

After the scanning is complete, you can click on each type of data for a more detailed look. Pick what you wish to recover and then hit “Export”.

Enigma Recovery™

Recover data from a dead iPhone using your PC/Mac


Ali Hussain is the Enigma Recovery Support Manager. He joined the team in 2013 and has a vast knowledge of smart devices and how they work. He is passionate about helping users gain better access to their smartphone data, and regularly dishes out tips and tricks to help them better use their devices.


  • waleed rauf at 10:58 am

    I dropped my iphone 6s in water and now it wont start. I even took it for repair but they say it is dead and wont work. I just want to ask if by downloading this software will i be able to recover my data.
    P.S. i never backed up my phone and didnt even synced it with itunes.

    • Hello Waleed,

      Thanks for your message. I would advise that you download the free trial of Enigma Recovery software and use it to scan your phone directly. The trial version will show you a preview of any existing and deleted data that the software has been able to find before you make a purchase.

      Hope this helps, please let us know if you need any more assistance!


  • emre at 10:29 pm

    Can Enigma recover my data, even tough motherboard is dead and iPhone could not be opened

    • Hello Emre,

      Thanks for your message. Under these circumstances, the software would be able to recover from an iTunes or iCloud backup instead of directly from the device. Hope this helps!


      • Jeff at 1:12 pm

        My daughter has this issue. The motherboard is dead. There is not an iTunes back up. iCloud does not show a back up for her previous phone. Is there a back up someplace else on iCloud that’s not visible to the account holder? Otherwise, I don’t understand why the software is needed to get to the iCloud backup when it’s easily accessed when setting up a new phone? Thanks.

        • Hi Jeff,

          Thanks for your message.

          Yes, there is the possibility that users can find iCloud backups with our software that are not usually visible via other means – the reason for this is there are sometimes temporary or older backups created that are not normally visible. The benefits of using our software would be to view & extract the data from these backups in an easier and more manageable way. There is also the possibility that someone’s new phone may not be an iPhone and therefore iCloud restoration or transfer is slightly more difficult. With our free trial software, it is possible to check if any temporary or additional iCloud backups have been found, before making a purchase – if users aren’t sure about the number of iCloud backups available, we recommend using the free version first to see if the software can find anything additional.

          Hope this helps – please let us know if you need any more assistance.


  • nandita roy at 3:41 pm

    i read all the details up their but the main problem is that my iphone does not even start then how will i do the trust iphone thing. i need my messages back but i am unable to find any ways to recover.
    please help!

    • Hello Nandita,

      Thanks for your message! If you have previously connected your iPhone with your computer, then you will be able to bypass the ‘Trust’ section of the tutorial as your computer remains trusted unless removed. If you have not previously trusted your computer, and cannot do so now, then the next best option would be to recover data from an iCloud or iTunes backup file, if you have either of these available.

      Hope this helps!


  • Kelly McCabe at 6:44 pm

    Hi, My Phone 6+ is officially dead. The tech at AT&T said it was in a boot loop. was fully charged when it happened. Then it lost charge and won’t recharge. I recovered most everything except my WeChat contacts and messages. Will Enigma Recovery be able to get at least my WeChat contacts back? Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hello Kelly,

      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, Enigma Recovery software is not currently compatible with WeChat. I’ll share this as feedback with our developers though as we’re always looking at which additional functionality our users would like to see in the software in the future.


    • Shaazia at 9:33 am

      Hello Ella,

      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, our software is not compatible with Numbers. However, if you are using iCloud on your iPhone and another device, you may be able to restore a previous version – you can find more information on this from Apple’s website, by clicking here.

      Hope this helps you!


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