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Recover Data From A Water Damaged iPhone


It may be too late for your phone but not your data!

Gone through the process of recovering an iPhone submerged underwater? Did your phone survive? If it did congratulations, that was a close one! If not, don’t worry. Just because you weren’t able to recover your iPhone, doesn’t mean your data is gone too! So whether you dropped your iPhone in a toilet, sink, pool or drink, try one of the tutorials below to help you recover data from a water damaged iPhone.

How to retrieve data from your water damaged iPhone

If you’re in the process of recovering or reviving the iPhone, we recommended that you do not plug it into any electrical source as it may permanently damage the internal circuit board. If you have not done so already, try and save your water damaged iPhone by following the steps detailed in What To Do When You’ve Dropped Your IPhone In Water:

  • Dive in and save it
  • Turn it off
  • Dry it
  • Bed rest
  • See if it worked!

You can however recover data that was previously stored on the phone that now lies in an iPhone backup. If you have connected your iPhone to iTunes before, it will have created an iPhone backup file within your computer/laptop (unless you have the automatic sync feature turned off). Generally speaking, the more recent your last iPhone backup is, the more recent the data you are able to obtain will be.

Enigma Recovery

Enigma Recovery is a desktop data recovery software designed to retrieve deleted and existing data from iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch devices, Android devices and SD cards. If you have damaged an iOS device from the list here or if it has been stolen, you may still be able to recover data from an iTunes backup file. The software is designed to retrieve deleted and existing: Text Messages, iMessages, Contacts, WhatsApp messages, Notes, Call history and Calendar events.

Recover iPhone data with or without your device

The software uses clever algorithms to scan and recover deleted and existing data from various iOS devices and iTunes backup files. Each time you sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in iTunes, the program automatically creates a backup of the device and all its contents (unless you have disabled this feature). This enables iPhone holders to recover deleted data, without the using the device.

Recover data from a water damaged iPhone

Using the four easy steps below, you can recover important contacts, text messages, diary dates (and more). Remember not to connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop while the device is wet. If this recovery method is unsuccessful for you, please try the second method below: Recover data from iPhone backup file.

1. Download Enigma Recovery

Once you have downloaded Enigma Recovery (download buttons above), install the software using the instructions that appear.

2. Recover from iOS device

When the programs is open, click to recover from ‘iOS device’.

3. Connect iOS iPhone

Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

4. Trust computer

Once the software recognises your device, follow the instructions that appear to trust the computer with your phone.

5. Scan iPhone

Now select the data types you would like to recover from the phone (we recommend that you ‘Select all’) and start the scan. The scan time will depend on the amount of data your phone contains.

6. View iPhone data

The scan report that appears at the end of the scan is there to inform you of how much data the software has recovered from your phone. Click on the various data tabs to view your recovered data.

7. Export iPhone data

To export all your data, select: Export > Export all data > Export
To export only specific items Select the data you would like to save in the checkboxes then select:
Export > Export only selected data > Export

iphone water damage

Need help recovering iPhone data? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Support Team:

Recover data from iPhone backup file

Follow the steps below to retrieve iPhone data without your device.

1. Open the Enigma Recovery software

After you have downloaded Enigma Recovery from our website (download links above), install the program using the install instructions that appear here.

2. Choose device

After the install process, open the software to the start screen. Now select to recover from an ‘iOS Device’ (this option includes iPhone backup files also).

3. Choose backup file

Click the option to ‘Recover from iTunes backup’ along the left panel. The software will then present you with a list of iTunes backup files from your computer. Choose the one you would like to recover from before clicking ‘Next’.

4. Scan for lost data

Now select the data types you would like to recover. We recomend that you ‘Select all’ so that you can view all data recovered from your iPhone backup file. Then click ‘Start scan’ and the software will scan your backup file for your iOS data. It will retrieve text messages, iMessages, contacts, WhatsApp and more.

5. View iPhone data

You will know once the software scan has completed because you will be presented with a scan report. this report will notify you of how much data was found during the scan. Click the data types to view your data.

6. Export your retrieved data

You can export data to your desktop very simply using the export options within the software. You will need to upgrade to the full version of Enigma Recovery to complete this task. To export only selected items, select the items you wish to save and click:

Export > Export only selected data > Export

To export all data that has been retrieved select:

Export > Export all data > Export

(Don’t forget to choose the folder you would like to save your data in!)

We hope this tutorial has helped you to recover data from your water damaged iPhone. If you need any help with the recovery steps, please contact our Support Team through

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