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How to recover data from a broken Android device?

Recover data from a broken Android

Hey you, I know you’re probably panicking over your broken android device, and need to recover most if not all of your data.

This issue can happen to anyone, but there is hope to recover your data on your broken Android. Enigma Recovery has created desktop software, which can recover deleted data from your Android device!

If you are a Samsung or LG user and you usually save some of your important data on your SIM card, then even that can be a struggle if the broken phone has internal damages. To fix this, you can use our SIM card recovery, which recovers your deleted or lost data on your SIM card.

Enigma Recovery’s software can recover your deleted data quickly and easily, if your device can be switched on, connected to your computer or laptop and stay on for the duration of the recovery.

The first step which you can take to recover your deleted data is to download our free Android recovery software. We can recover deleted text messages, contacts, WhatsApp history, notes, call history and calendar events. We can also retrieve these in their existing format as well as internet history, photos and videos.

What happens if your Android device screen is broken?

Broken Android screens will commonly lose touch functionality and can become very unresponsive, which can put a strain on your patience. A damaged screen can show a distorted or blacked out view, which can raise concerns for your device and the important data it holds. If the internal data on your device cannot be accessed through the methods you have tried so far, then the SmartPhone Recovery PRO method may be the right one for you.

How to recover data from an Android device with a smashed screen

Recover deleted data from your Android device using our simple process below*:

Steps to make use of Android Enigma Digital software

  1. Download and install the SmartPhone Recovery PRO for Android software
  2. Connect your device to your computer via a USB cable
  3. Enable USB debugging on your Android device – the software will guide you through this process, as it may vary depending on your Android OS version
  4. Select the data type(s) you need to recover and select ‘Start scan’
  5. Wait whilst the software scans your device for deleted data, which will be shown in the software interface
  6. Export your recovered data to your computer in a range of formats

*Please note that for recovery to work, your device needs to be recognised by your computer

The benefits of the SmartPhone Recovery PRO software

Our software has recovered 400,000 pieces of data and has proven to be a good source of recovering data from devices. Our reliable software solution company has proven to recover data on multiple devices and has also recovered data from users in a staggering 180 countries!

The SmartPhone Recovery PRO for Android was designed and developed to recover deleted data from Android phones and tablets. Once you have recovered data with our desktop software, you can then restore it back to your Android device, with our free Restore app, available to download here from the Google Play Store.

Our software is compatible with a range of Android devices. For more information on compatibility and system requirements, please click here.

Need help recovering your data? Email our Support or raise a support ticket.

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