How to recover deleted calls and FaceTime history on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You can recover iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch call history, including deleted FaceTime history, so don’t panic if you can’t find the records you need. It’s even possible to restore, extract and print your data — take a look at the call log recovery methods below:

Method 1: Restore an iTunes/iCloud backup

Call and FaceTime history is automatically included when you back up your device to iTunes or iCloud. If your device was synced before the data was deleted, you can restore the backup to your device in order to recover it:

However, you will need to wipe all existing data on your device in order to restore a backup. This can result in further data loss — especially if the backup wasn’t taken recently. The alternative is extracting the backed-up data with Enigma Recovery, which we’ll explain in the next section.

Method 2: Recover call log data from iTunes/iCloud

While it’s a relief to find that your lost or deleted call log data is backed up in iCloud or iTunes, restoring the backup brings its own issues, because you have to erase all existing device data first.

However, there is an alternative. Our iOS data recovery software allows you to extract call and FaceTime history from any iTunes or iCloud backup file. You can then view the recovered files, export them to your computer, or transfer them to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch — without the need to delete or overwrite any existing data. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Method 3: Recover call log data from your device

As well as being able to extract call logs from iTunes or iCloud, Enigma Recovery can recover deleted call or FaceTime history directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch — no backup necessary. It does this by scanning the device’s database and piecing together deleted data.

However, deleted files don’t stay in your device’s database for long, so follow the steps below as quickly as you can.

How to use our call log recovery software

  1. Open Enigma Recovery

Download install and open Enigma Recovery on your Mac or Windows computer. There’s a free trial to get you started

Download and open Enigma Recovery
  1. Select your recovery method

Choose ‘Recover from my iOS device/iTunes/iCloud’ and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your account or device.

Select itunes or icloud to recover
  1. Scan for call history

Select ‘Calls’ to scan for call and FaceTime history. You can also choose to recover other data types, such as text messages. Click ‘Start Scan’.

Scan for call history
  1. View recovered call data

When the scan has finished (usually after a few minutes), view up to 5 deleted and 20 existing items in the Call History tab.

View recovered call data
  1. Upgrade to the full version

To view and manage all of your recovered call log data, upgrade to the full version of Enigma Recovery. Choose a license based on the number of devices you’d like to recover from.

Upgrade your Enigma licence
  1. Export call log data

You now have the option to export your recovered call and FaceTime history in a CSV, XML, PDF or XLSX (Excel) file. This is ideal if you would like to back up, print or transfer your data.

Export call log data
  1. View data in the Restore app

The best way to view recovered call log data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is via our Restore app, which is free to download. To transfer the records, connect your device to your computer then go to ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Restore to Device’ in Enigma Recovery.

Export contacts back to your phone using the restore app

What’s next?

We hope that you have been able to successfully recover deleted call and FaceTime history from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using one of the methods above. If not, our friendly support team may be able to help.

If you downloaded Enigma Recovery, make sure to continue using your license for iOS data recovery and management. You can even use it to back up your most important files, reducing the risk of data loss in the future.

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