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Keep reading to find out more about our history and how Enigma has grown over the years

Aldo del Bo

A note from our CEO Aldo del Bo

Over the years, I’ve been asked many times about the history of Enigma and how we grew to become the company we are today. Every successful company has a compelling story to tell and ours is no different, so I’ve shared some of the main highlights from our story below. At the heart of all we do at Enigma is our desire to give users like you, the ability to take control of your data. Keep reading to find out more …

Let’s start at the beginning…

Our story starts many years ago – Infinity Wireless was formed in 2011. At the time we offered a range of consumer electronic products, including wireless solutions and smartphone recovery. As it became clear that our efforts should be centered on the data recovery software market, we expanded our team, bringing in internal software developers and streamlining our product offering to smart device recovery. This led to us releasing our first downloadable recovery software at the beginning of 2013.

Boundary Capital invest at Seed stage

We received our first round of investment from Boundary Capital in 2014, with the stated aim of improving our product functionality and expanding our team even further.

World’s first iOS Restore App

One of our main company aims is to be innovative in our industry, giving users access to and improved ways of managing their data. With this at the forefront of our development, we launched the first app of its kind in the world, Restore in 2015. Combined with our desktop software, users can recover deleted iOS data and restore it to the app on their device.

Mangrove Capital invests at Venture stage

In late 2015, we brought in our second round of investment, this time from Mangrove Capital Partners. The investment was designed to help us grow our development team even further, enabling us to improve our recovery algorithms.

Infinity Wireless becomes Enigma Digital

As part of our committed desire to focus our energies on recovery and data management solutions only, we officially changed our name to Enigma Digital in 2016, with our desktop recovery solution Enigma Recovery at the forefront of our product offering.

World’s first 3-in-1 Recovery Solution

In 2016, we launched another world’s first in our industry – a 3-in-1 recovery solution that allowed users to recover from Android, iOS and Storage devices. This gave our users the ability to manage multiple devices with a single product.

A shift in focus…

By 2017, it became clear to us that the majority of our users were iOS users, so we amended our Enigma Recovery software, to offer a slightly different 3-in-1, with customers now able to recover from iOS devices, iTunes backups, and iCloud backups.

Julian Costley joins Enigma

We were thrilled to bring Julian Costley on board as our Executive Chairman in 2017. As former Country Manager at Thomson Reuters, co-founder of E*Trade UK, angel investor and Chair/NED/Advisor to multiple companies, Julian brings an invaluable wealth of experience to our team.

Enigma wins a €50,000 grant

In mid-2017, we were awarded a €50,000 grant from the biggest EU Research and Funding program ever, Horizon 2020. As part of the grant, we conducted a feasibility study into new mobile data recovery solutions, with our development team constantly looking for ways to maximise data access for ordinary smart device users.

We develop mobile recovery

In 2018, we achieved a major milestone for Enigma, by developing the world’s first mobile WebApp, that can recover deleted messages from an iOS device, without the need for a computer. This was the culmination of a lot of research and hard work from the team and enabled us to provide the next level of data recovery services to our customers.

SQLite Data Recovery – the first of its kind

Hand in hand with our mobile-only recovery, we managed to build an SQLite Data Recovery Algorithm, a unique and enhanced way of piecing together lost and deleted data to present it to users.

Enigma Backup – the world’s first viewable backup

2019 saw the release of another first in our industry – we rolled out a beta version of the world’s first viewable backup of iPhone text messages and iMessages, meaning that users would be able to see their messages in a readable format, not currently provided to them.

Want to know about our products? We can recover deleted data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, as well as iCloud and iTunes.

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