Practical Steps to Help Keep Your Child Safe Online (COVID19 update)

Practical Steps to Help Keep Your Child Safe Online (COVID19 update)
Practical Steps to Help Keep Your Child Safe Online (COVID19 update)
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Cyberbullying is defined as:

“The use of technologies by an individual or by a group of people to deliberately and repeatedly upset someone”– Childnet

Whether it’s through text messages, picture messages or online interaction, cyberbullying can take many forms. The digital world is ever changing and sometimes it’s difficult to know how best to keep your child safe. Teaching your child wise rules to follow with texting, chatting and making friends is half the battle. Detecting and dealing with an issue is the other half. Read our online guide to help you tackle cyberbullying and keep your child safe online:

In the unprecedented times of 2020 and the global outbreak of COVID19, children will more often than not find themselves engaging in online activities. This could come in the form of online learning related to home schooling, and also the many social media channels and apps that will be used to stay in touch with their friends whilst lockdown restrictions are in place.

The high surge in device use does not automatically mean that cyberbullying and online abuse will increase, but due to the wordlwide situation, frustration and increase of free time – this could be offloaded on other children online, intentional or not. The upside is that a lot of parents are also at home more with their kids at this current time, giving the families opportunity to talk openly about online activities and cyberbullying specifically.

Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Stay calm and ask your children how you can help
  • Ask open questions and listen without judging
  • Discuss the implications of cyber bullying with them. How it makes people feel. Why it’s wrong. The lasting effects that bullying can have on people.
  • Praise them for talking to you
  • Don’t take away their devices unless this is what they want, it’s likely to make them angry and increase feelings of sadness and isolation

Schoolchildren sitting together laughing and looking at mobile devices

How can Enigma Recovery help?

With Enigma Recovery, parents can recover deleted data from devices, such as text messages, contacts, calls and more. This may help you find out what is troubling your child and help you obtain evidence should the bullying be reported.


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