How to Extract your WhatsApp History from an iTunes Backup File

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You may not be aware of how much you use WhatsApp, but if you had just purchased a new phone would WhatsApp be one of the first apps you would download? Probably, right? It is now the number one choice in messaging services for hundreds of millions of people. A way to save your valued WhatsApp messages is through creating a backup of your phone in iTunes.

Extracting and viewing these messages once they are saved in the backup however is a little trickier to figure out. The detailed tutorial below will tell you exactly how you can extract WhatsApp messages from an iTunes backup file.

WhatsApp Messenger is firmly planted in the top 10 of most downloaded Google Play and App Store apps. Seems like everybody and their next-door-neighbour has an active WhatsApp account, which makes it highly likely that this is where the majority of your message correspondence takes place. Maybe even messages and conversations that you have forgotten about and would like to read or print. To do this you will need to extract your WhatsApp threads from an iTunes backup or retrieve existing WhatsApp messages from the phone itself.

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WhatsApp Backup Extractor

To extract WhatsApp messages from your iTunes backup, you will need a third-party tool outside of your supply of Apple services. Enigma Recovery is an iPhone data recovery product capable of extracting iTunes and iCloud backups. If you were wondering whether a WhatsApp backup extractor tool existed, it does, in the form of iPhone data recovery.

Follow the tutorial below to see how you can gain access to WhatsApp messages saved in your iTunes backup

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How to extract WhatsApp Messages from an iTunes backup

Step 1 – Download Enigma Recovery

Enigma recovery software install screen

From this website download Enigma Recovery and follow the instructions that appear to install the program.

Step 2 – Recover from iTunes backup

Connect device to recover from iTunes backup

When you have reached the start screen select recover from iTunes backup from the side menu

Step 3 – Choose iTunes backup

Select iTunes backup file

The software will then display all the available iTunes backup files to scan on your computer or laptop. Choose the one that you would like to scan and continue.

Step 4 – Select data type

Step 4 - Select Whatsapp

Select WhatsApp from the scan menu and any other data types you’d like to extract during the scan. Then start your scan.

Step 5 – View WhatsApp messages

Select iTunes backup file

After the scan you will be able to view the extracted data from your iTunes backup in a readable format. To export your data use the export button in the top left and select where you’d like to save your files.

Enigma Recovery

Keep Enigma Recovery on your desktop computer or laptop to help you find lost and deleted data from any iOS device including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. It is an all-encompassing iPhone Data Recovery product that can restore items back to your device. If your phone is ever lost, stolen or somehow inaccessible, you will always be able to access files in your iTunes backup file or iCloud backup file.


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