How to Extract Videos from an iTunes Backup File

After syncing your iOS device be it an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device, iTunes will save your data in a folder on your desktop PC or Mac. Locating files saved to your iTunes backup can sometimes be difficult. Backing up your iPhone makes it easy to restore your data to a device in the event of purchasing a new iPhone or losing data from an existing one. iTunes and iCloud can be used to create backups of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. To extract videos from your iTunes backup simple follow the tutorial below.

Extract your videos

To efficiently extract all videos saved to your iTunes backup file, an iOS specific third-party tool will help. The iPhone data recovery solution Enigma Recovery is compatible with iOS devices and backup files only. To find your iPhone, iPad or iPod data with the software, you can connect and scan your device or the software can find your iTunes or iCloud backup and scan and retrieve data from its location. An easy way to extract videos from your backup created in iTunes, can be found with this tool.

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How to extract your videos from an iTunes backup

Step 1 – Get Enigma Recovery

Open Enigma recovery select iOS

Download Enigma Recovery right here. Select the download button above and follow the install tips. Then open the software.

Step 2 – Select Recover from iTunes backup

Connect your iPhone

From the start screen, select the ‘Recover from iTunes backup’ and the programs will search for all backup files located on your Mac or PC.

Step 3 – Choose iTunes backup file

Select backup option

The software would have searched your computer for iTunes backup files. Select the one that you would like to recover from.

Step 4 – Select videos

Select video data type and scan

The software will give you the option to choose the file types you would like to scan the software for. Select videos and start your scan.

Step 5 – View extracted videos

Export backed up videos

The time taken to scan your backup will depend on the size of the file. Once the software has finished extracting files from your backup you will be able to export and view your videos. Click the Export option to do this.

Finding hidden files

Finding hidden iPhone files on your computer is no easy task except with the help of an extractor tool. Enigma Recovery specialise in iPhone data recovery and the extraction of deleted files from any iOS device supporting iOS6 and higher. The software is also skilled in finding lost files located in iCloud or iTunes backups.

It’s a powerful tool that can stay on your desktop computer and saved for a rainy day. As long as you are efficient in creating regular backups in iCloud and iTunes you will be able to retrieve your valued messages, contacts, WhatsApp, photos and more if your device is ever lost, stolen or broken. Download the free trial version today and see what you can recover.


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