How to Extract Internet History from iTunes Backup

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Most of us are probably using our iPhones and iPads at least a dozen of times a day to search the web for shopping, people, places, news and things! Safari is saving by default these websites and keeps track of all the browsing history so that you can access it whenever you want to, as long as it is still saved on your device. If something has happened to your iPhone, such as misplacement or theft, or if the internet history was mistakenly compromised there are still ways to recover and extract internet history.

Recover Internet History From iTunes Backup Files

Whenever you sync your iPhone to iTunes, it automatically creates a backup file that is stored on your personal computer. The main purpose of these backup files is to keep your data safe by storing it on another device (your PC) so that you can later restore it on your iPhone if you choose to. This article will teach you all the necessary steps that you need to perform. It’s really easy and 100% safe. You will be able to extract internet history from iTunes with just a few clicks.

One way of recovering internet history from iTunes is to restore an old backup file on your iPhone. This means that you will get back your lost internet history, but the backup file will overwrite your current data, meaning that everything will be deleted and replaced with what’s contained in the backup file. iTunes won’t allow you to only extract internet history from the iTunes backup for safety reasons. That’s why the only working option involves a third-party software that specializes in recovering data.

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Using Enigma Recovery

Enigma Recovery is the best data recovery software that allows you to recover and extract internet history from iTunes. It can also be used for retrieving text messages, iMessages, contacts, notes, calendar entries, call history, photos, videos and WhatsApp history from iTunes and iCloud backup files. If you wish to extract Safari history from iTunes, download Enigma Recovery on your computer (it works the same for both Windows and Mac) and follow the next tutorial.

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How to Extract Internet History from iTunes

It only takes a few minutes to extract internet history from iTunes with Enigma Recovery. All you need is your iPhone, iTunes installed on your laptop/computer and an existing backup file.

Step 1 – Install and open Enigma Recovery

Enigma recovery software install screen

After downloading and installing the software on your laptop/computer, open it.

Step 2 – Recover from iTunes backup

Recover iMessages from iTunes

On the start screen, click on “Recover from iTunes backup” that’s available on the left side menu.

Step 3 – Available iTunes backups

Select iTunes backup file

At this point you’ll be able to see all of the available iTunes backup files. Pick the one that you wish to extract internet history from.

Step 4 – Data type

Step 4 - Select iMessages

Choose what type of data you want to recover. If you only want to extract internet history from the iTunes backup file, click on “Safari”. You also have the possibility to choose other types of data, or all of it (Select all).

Step 5 – View Data

View Safari data

Allow the software to scan the backup file although it may take some time, depending on how much data it contains. After it is done, you can view the recovered data by clicking on it. For recovered internet history, click on “Safari”.

Step 6 – Extract Internet History from iTunes Backup

Export Safari data

Pick what you wish to transfer to your computer, and hit the “Export” button. You can choose to transfer all of the data, the selected items or the current tab. Select the location on your computer where you want to save it, and that’s it! You successfully extracted the Safari internet history from the iTunes backup file, without losing files and without damaging the backup.


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