Extract Calendar Events from iTunes Backup file

Compatibility: We fully support iOS 14 and the devices listed below

Using the calendar on our iPhones usually means more than just checking out the date. It’s easy to lose track of time when you have a busy schedule, so marking every appointment or event in your iPhone calendar can save you from a lot of trouble. That’s why it’s important to protect your calendar entries in case your iPhone gets damaged, stolen or you lose all of your data after accidentally deleting it or after an iOS upgrade failure.

How to Protect Your Calendar Entries

All your iPhone data is important, and calendar occasions make no exception. The best way to keep your reminders, appointments, events and work schedules safe, is by syncing your device to iTunes. Creating iTunes and iCloud backups will allow you to recover the data that you had on your phone at the moment the backup file was created.

Extracting Calendar from iTunes

Extracting calendar events from iTunes it’s pretty easy, and you can do it in the safest way possible by using a third-party software, named Enigma Recovery. The process takes minutes, depending on how much data there is to recover from the backup file, and it allows you to transfer it to your computer.

Enigma Recovery can be used on both Mac and Windows, and is able to extract deleted and existing data from iPads, iPods Touch and iPhones. All you have to do is install it on your computer and follow the next steps.

Close up of calendar on phone

The Enigma Recovery software recovers:

  • Calendar entries
  • Notes
  • iMessages
  • Photos (only from backup files)
  • Videos (only from backup files)
  • Contacts
  • Text Messages
  • Internet history (only from backup files)
  • WhatsApp History (only from backup files)
  • Call History
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How to Extract Calendar from iTunes

Here’s what you need to do to extract Calendar from iTunes backup file:

Install and Open Enigma Recovery

Enigma recovery software install screen

After installing the software, open it and choose what type of device you’re using.

Step 2 – Recover Calendar from iTunes

Connect device to recover from iTunes backup

On the left side, pick “Recover from iTunes backup”.

Step 3 – iTunes Backup files

Select iTunes backup file

The software will show you all of the available iTunes backups that you have done in the past. Pay attention to the column “Date” to make sure that you pick the right backup file to extract from. If you haven’t synced your iPhone before, then there will be no backup file shown on this step, meaning that recovering and extracting Calendar from iTunes will not be possible.

Step 4 – Scanning the iTunes backup file

Select calendar from the datatypes options

On this step you can choose what type of data you want to recover from the backup. If you only wish to extract Calendar from iTunes, then select “Calendar” and hit the “Start scan” button. You can also retrieve all of the data by clicking on “Select all”.

Step 5 – Scan Report

View scan report

All of the existing and deleted data is now viewable in the Scan report. Every type of data is clickable for more details.

Step 6 – View data

iTunes calendar backup data

To see what calendar entries the software recovered from the backup, click on “Calendar” on the left side menu.

Step 7 – Export

Export calendar entries to our laptop or computer

Click on the “Export” button to extract Calendar from the iTunes backup file. You can choose where to save it on your computer by clicking “Browse”, and then hit “Export” once again. For extracting only the Calendar, choose the “Export current tab” option, or “Export selected data only”. For transferring all of the data, pick “Export all data”.


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