How to Extract Data from your iTunes Backup File

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Creating a backup file in iTunes or iCloud

Backing up your phone to iTunes or iCloud is the smart way to secure and insure iPhone files. Even though iTunes is one of the most popular media players in the world it is also used to back-up the contents on your phone. One of the main advantages iTunes has over iCloud, is that it is free and has no storage limit (only the limit on your PC).

After syncing your iPhone to iTunes and choosing to create a backup file, your Text Messages, iMessages, Contacts and other similar files that can be extracted. As iTunes stores this information in fragmented unreadable file types, third-party software is needed to retrieve and save this data in a readable format.

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*Recovery available from an iTunes/iCloud backup file only

How to extract your iPhone data from iTunes

If you own an Apple mobile device, it’s vital that you choose at least one of the two free backup options available to you. While iTunes is primarily a music management tool where you can store your library of tunes, it also has the capacity to back-up the contents of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Traditionally, iTunes backup files are used for the purpose of transferring old iPhone data to a new iPhone. However, backup files can also be extracted and transformed to a readable format, helping you to view and save iPhone photos, videos, messages, contacts and more, to your computer.

Step 1 – Download Enigma Recovery

Download and open Enigma recovery

So long as you are on a laptop or computer, you can download and install Enigma Recovery right here. Click on the download button above and follow the instructions that appear to install the software.

Step 2 – Select iTunes Backup

Connect device

Open the software to the start screen and select iTunes Backup

Step 3 – Choose iTunes backup file

Choose backup files

Choose the iTunes backup file you would like to recover from

Step 4 – Scan backup file

Scan backup file

Select the data you would like to retrieve from your backup file, or select all and start your scan

Step 5 – View and save data

View and save data

Once the scan has finished, view your data and save it in the location of your choice

Step 6 – All done!

If you need any additional help using Enigma Recovery please feel free to use our online live chat, or you can raise a Support Ticket with our Support Team.

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