What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Stolen

What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Stolen
What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Stolen
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Your iPhone is most likely to be the most valuable item you have on you at all times. The compact size and high street value make iPhones a prime target for thieves.

It’s natural to go through a host of emotions when something has been stolen from you including fear, anger, surprise, confusion and anxiety. It’s not always easy to think straight in those situations especially if you’re a bit shaken up. That’s why we’ve compiled a list important steps to take if your iPhone has in fact been stolen. There’s no guarantee that you will definitely get it back, but by following the instructions below your chances could increase.

1. Inform your network provider

This step is especially important if you have a contract for your iPhone. To prevent the thief from running up your phone bill with numerous unauthorised calls, inform your network provider of the theft and ask them to freeze your contract and block the phone so that no one else can use it. Be sure to ask them for your iPhone’s personal IMEI number and make a note of it, you’ll see why in step 2.

If you have insured your iPhone, the charge for unauthorised phone calls – on your phone bill, may be covered in your insurance policy. If not, contact your network provider and try negotiating with them to lower the price of your bill under the circumstances.

2. Report the theft to the police

Although you may feel angry and upset, the last thing you should do when your iPhone has been stolen is run after the perpetrator yourself. This won’t help matters and you may end up endangering yourself. Report your stolen phone to the police and let them do the chasing. Give them your iPhone IMEI number (that you previously retrieved from the network provider), and this will give you the best chances of recovering your iPhone. You should also try and get a ‘crime reference number’ as some insurers may request this as part of your claim.

3. Change your passwords

Log on to the web version of all the password protected apps on your iPhone and change the passwords. This includes: online banking apps, your email, social media accounts and your iCloud account (if you have one). It’s bad enough this thief is causing you all this havoc, you don’t need them scrolling through your personal affairs also.

4. Turn on ‘Find My iPhone’ (iCloud users)

If you have an iCloud account and you enabled the ‘Find My iPhone’ function during the set up, login to your account. Click the ‘Find My iPhone’ tab and if your phone is on, it will show you the location of the phone. If it works, hand the information over to the police. As we mentioned before, do not pursue the lead yourself – leave it to the people with flashing lights and badges.

Within this app you will also be able to click the information icon, lock your iPhone and delete all your data if you wish.

5. Call your insurance company (if your iPhone is insured)

While the police are doing their part, start proceedings with your insurance company just in case your iPhone cannot be recovered. It helps to have all of the necessary information when you make the call, including a crime reference number if required. This can help speed up your claim and increase the likelihood of success.

6. Retrieve your lost data while your iPhone’s away!

One of the many issues with having your phone stolen is losing all of your important data, including your: SMS text messages, iMessages, contacts, photos, notes, calendar entries and more. But the good news is that if you have an iTunes account, your information can be retrieved. When you perform an iTunes backup not only does it retain your videos and photos, but it also records your SMS text messages, iMessages, contacts, calendar entries, notes, WhatsApp chat history and images sent via WhatsApp.

These files appear in your iTunes backup as fragmented documents that are almost unreadable in their basic form, but with Enigma Recovery, you can retrieve the data listed above, in a readable format. Enigma Recovery is data recovery software that can retrieve the data in your iTunes backup and transform it into readable files that can be saved to your laptop/PC.

With an easy to use interface and a great team of support staff, we can help you retrieve your much needed data, until your phone returns. Click here for more help and tips.

Has this information helped you? Do you have any more great points that could help others in this situation? Let us know below.


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