When Your iPhone Battery Dies On The Go…

When Your iPhone Battery Dies On The Go…
When Your iPhone Battery Dies On The Go…
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Do you often forget to charge your iPhone? Are you always staring down at the red ‘nearing empty’ battery sign instead of the green ‘thriving full’ one? If this is you and you’re not privy to any iPhone battery saving techniques, you may well find yourself in the situation above. If this describes someone you know, share this article with them!

Due to the many iOS updates that are frequently released, our phones are acquiring numerous nifty new features which make our phones delightful to play with, but that ultimately end up consuming our categorically precious iPhone battery life. So we thought it would be a good idea to share this vital information of what to do when your iPhone battery dies on the go.

This is particularly for you if your iPhone dies while you are out near a high street, mall, shopping complex or a town centre.

Option A – Turn off all battery draining features and hope for the best

If your iPhone is not yet deceased, you may wish to conserve your remaining battery with these simple battery saving tips until you get home. This option of course depends on how long you are going to be out for.

1. Turn off Background App Refresh

The Background App Refresh function allows the apps to occasionally refresh themselves while you’re not using them. This can really eat into your iPhone battery life.

Go into Settings → select General → select Background App Refresh → now swipe the Background App Refresh off → and tap Disable Background App Refresh.

ios7 settings

iphone general

backgroud app refresh

2. Turn off Locations feature

The Locations feature can improve user experience by identifying your current location to display relevant locations near you or to set your time zone. However it can also drain the battery on your iPhone, so it could be worth turning it off.

Go to Settings → Privacy → Location Services → System Services → now slide the location services button to turn off.

iphone settings

iphone settings privacy

iphone location services

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Option B – Find your nearest Apple store.

(If your iPhone is still alive you may even want to use your remaining battery to navigate yourself to your nearest Apple store. However it is a gamble considering your phone may cut out before you get there).

The Apple store is happy to let you use a display model charging dock to charge your iPhone in store. While your phone receives nourishment, you can use the iPhone display model (supplying free WiFi) you removed from the dock, to send emails, check Facebook or send a ‘sorry my iPhone died’ message to a friend.

apple store

However this option only works if you are in range of an Apple store.

Option C – If you’re desperate…go to the store of your mobile network provider

It has not always worked for everyone, but if you are running dangerously low on battery (as in 10% or less), and there is no Apple store in sight, you may want to try the store of your network provider. Depending on who your network provider is, they may be so kind as to put your phone on charge (in the back) while you carry on shopping.

phone shop

In the future

Always ensure that your phone is charged to 100% before you leave the house. It may be difficult to achieve this on a day-to-day basis, but it is healthy to maintain a daily iPhone charging appointment.

If you are a driver, invest in a good iPhone car charger or invest in a portable iPhone charger like morphie Power Reserve. The morphie allows you to charge your iPhone on the go adding up to 50% extra power to your battery. The highlight of this product is that it requires and no additional cables and can easily attach to your set of keys.

Failing that, get into the habit of travelling with your iPhone USB lead and plug, you never know where you may find a welcoming plug socket/power point, there are so many around nowadays.

Did you find this information useful? Do you have any tips to add?


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