How to Recover Deleted iMessages on Your iPod Touch

Compatibility: We fully support iOS 14 and the devices listed below

With Enigma Recovery software you can recover iPod touch iMessages

iMessage is Apple’s instant messaging service, built into all iOS devices. This service enables you send free messages to other device users with iOS installed, including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. To use this function on an iPod Touch, you need to be connected to Wifi.

iMessages is a great and easy tool for messaging, and is made even better by iOS syncing capabilities. By adding your phone number or iCloud account to your iPod Touch, you can sync your iMessages between iOS devices, meaning you can pick up where you left on in a conversation as you move between your devices.

However, there is also a downside to this, as automatic syncing via iCloud could result in an accidentally deleted message or a thread of messages being removed from all of your devices where you use the account to message.

If you’re worried that you’ve lost your precious messages forever, rest assured that there are solutions for data recovery that can help you. With Enigma Recovery software, you can scan your iPod Touch or backup file and find the deleted iMessages that you feared were gone forever. Our software quickly and secure scans and displays deleted data, including messages, contacts, notes, calendar events and more.

To recover your deleted iMessages from your iPod Touch, simply download our software to your Mac or PC, and follow the steps below. We also list tutorials for iTunes and iCloud backup files, so if you are in the unfortunate situation where your device has either been lost or stolen, it will still be possible for you to recover your data.

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How to Recover Deleted & Existing iMessages From Your iPod Touch

Accidentally deleting iMessages is an easy mistake to make – many of us have accidentally deleted an entire thread of message from a contact when we only meant to remove a single message in the conversation. If you’re wondering if it is even possible to recover your lost messages, we’re happy to confirm that there are data recovery solutions available that can recover deleted iMessages.

Using Enigma Recovery software, you can securely retrieve deleted iMessages from an iPod Touch. The reason for this is that when you delete data from your device, it is not initially completely removed, but instead is marked as available space that can be overwritten. We have developed our software to piece together this data and present it to you in a readable format on your PC or Mac.

During the recovery process, your iPod Touch and data will be completely secure, as Enigma Recovery makes a backup of your device which it then scans for data, and will not damage or overwrite any data on your iPod.

This method of recovery is useful for those of you who have deleted iMessages on your iPod, but don’t want to or cannot carry out a full device restore as it could overwrite data that has been added to your phone since you last made a backup. With the Enigma Recovery software, you can recover specific messages and conversation threads from your iPod Touch.

To retrieve deleted iMessages from an iPod Touch, follow our simple tutorial below. If you are unable to find the data that you need through direct recovery as your device has been lost or stolen, you can still recover it from an iTunes backup file if you have one available.

You Will Need:

  • Your iPod Touch
  • A compatible USB cable (to connect your device to your computer)
  • The trial or full version of the Enigma Recovery software
  • A computer (Mac or Windows)


Step 1 – Launch Enigma Recovery

Enigma recovery software

Download and install the Enigma Recovery software. Click the correct download link for your operating system above.

Step 2 – Select iOS device

Step 2 - Select iOS device

Open the software and select to recover data from an ‘iOS Device’.

Step 3 – Connect device

Step 3 - Connect device

Then connect your iPod Touch to the computer and the software will recognise your device.

Step 4 – Trust your computer

Step 4 - Trust your computer

When prompted, unlock your device and ‘Trust’ your computer.

Step 5 – Start scan

Step 5 - Start scan

Now select ‘Messages’ or ‘Select all’ and start the scan to find deleted iMessages.

Step 6 – View data

Step 6 - View data

Once the scan has finished, all categories of data found will be displayed in a Scan Report. Click ‘Messages’ to view your deleted messages.

Step 7 – (Optional) Export data

Step 7 - (Optional) Export data

To export your messages, click ‘Export’ within the messages tab and choose whether you’d like to save all, or selected messages only. Then click ‘Export’.

That’s it!

Should you need any further help recovering deleted iMessages from your iPod Touch, please get in contact. We’d love to help!

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Software Compatible With:

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation
  • Devices using iOS 6 up to iOS 10


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