How to Restore Contacts on Your iPod Touch

Compatibility: We fully support iOS 14 and the devices listed below

Recover iPod Touch contacts with Enigma Recovery software

With the decline in traditional physical address books, more and more of us are turning to our portable gadgets to store the important information we use on a day to day basis. Users of the iPod Touch are no different; the conveniently built in ‘Contacts’ app on an iPod Touch allows users to store personal contact information of friends, family and business associates, storing data such as contact phone numbers, emails and physical addresses.

Keeping this information on your iPod Touch is very convenient if you need to make a FaceTime call or send an email directly from your device.

However, problems may arise when you accidentally delete important contact information, or even worse all of the contacts on your iPod Touch. It is easily done – one swipe or tap on the wrong button and you can find yourself in an upsetting situation. Losing contacts could also be out of your control; a failed software update could also result in data loss.

In these types of situations, the last thing you would want to do is be forced to manually rebuild your contacts on your iPod Touch, by asking all of your former contacts to give you their details again! Fortunately, there is a data recovery software solution, offered by Enigma Recovery, which will recover deleted contact information and even allow you to export it to your computer or restore it back to your iPod Touch.

This software is completely safe in extracting and restoring data and will scan either your iPod Touch device directly, or a backup file of your device. Able to recover different types of data, including Contacts, Calls, Messages, Notes and more, our software will find your deleted data and display it to you in a readable format.

To recover, retrieve, export or restore contacts from your iPod Touch, follow the steps in one of our tutorials below.

recover iphone contacts

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How to Recover Deleted & Existing Contacts From Your iPod Touch

Losing some or even all of the contacts on your iPod Touch can be very upsetting. The dreaded thought of having to manually re-enter all of the contacts that you had on your device is enough to give anyone nightmares! In addition to this, a device restore via an iTunes or iCloud backup file might not be option for you, if you either do not want to lose data added since your last backup, or you don’t have a backup file available to restore from at all.

If this is all sounding sadly familiar to you, Enigma Recovery could be just the solution that you are looking for. Developed to recover deleted data from a range of devices, including iPod Touch, this software will scan your device, finding deleted data and putting it together for you in a format that you can view and understand.

So whatever the cause of your data loss, rest assured that you are not alone, and that there is help available! To recover contacts from your iPod Touch, all you need to do is download Enigma Recovery to your Mac or PC, and wait will it scans your device, extracting deleted data, using our secure and safe recovery algorithms.

Keep reading below to find out how to recover your deleted contacts from your iPod Touch!

You Will Need:

  1. The free or full version of Enigma Recovery
  2. A Mac or Windows PC
  3. An iPod Touch
  4. A USB cable


Step 1 – Open Enigma Recovery

Enigma recovery software

Open the software and select a device to recover from (iOS).

Step 2 – Connect iPod

Connect your iPhone

Now connect your iPod to the computer, using your USB cable.

Step 3 – Trust Computer

Trust your computer on device

Follow the instructions that appear to ‘Trust’ the computer with your device.

Step 4 – Scan device

start scan on iPhone

Select the data type you are looking for (or Select all). Then click ‘Start scan’.

Step 5 – Scan Report

deleted iphone text messages

After the scan, the software will let you know how many existing and deleted files have been found. Click a data type to view your recovered items.

Step 6 – See deleted contacts

see ios deleted contacts

The main screen will now display your contacts. Deleted numbers can now be restored to your handset or exported to your computer.

Step 7 (Optional) – Export contacts

how do you restore deleted

Select the contacts you wish to save click “Export” and choose “Export selected data”. Or to save all numbers, select ‘Export’ and ‘Export current tab’.

That’s it!

We hope you’ve had success retrieving your data. If you have any questions, please contact our support team here. We’re always happy to help!

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Software Compatible With:

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation
  • Devices using iOS 6 up to iOS 10


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