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Compatible with Windows and Mac computers

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Compatibility: iPhone XS/XR/X/11/8/7/6/5/4/SE, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS 6 - 13


  • Our software is guaranteed to keep your device and data safe throughout the recovery and restore process
  • Recover and restore deleted iMessages, Call History, Contacts, Calendar Events and Notes
  • Retrieve and transfer internet history, photos and videos
  • All data recovered by the software can exported to your Mac or PC, via CSV, Excel, PDF or XML for future use

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Select your iPod Touch data

Enigma Recovery™ is compatible with iPod Touch devices up to iOS 9.3, as well as iTunes and iCloud backup files made from your device. With Enigma Recovery software, you won’t have to worry about deleted or lost data again. The software is the ultimate recovery and restore solution for people who have lost data on their iPod Touch. To find out more about how you can recover, transfer, export and restore your data from your iPod Touch, select a feature below for an in-depth tutorial.

*Deleted data can be recovered only from iTunes/iCloud backups. Enigma Recovery is not compatible with iPod Touch 3rd Generation and below

Retrieve iPod Touch Data

Whether you’ve deleted something thinking that you no longer need it and then realise that you do, or a failed software update has resulted in data loss, it can be a very stressful experience. If you find yourself in this situation, where you have lost or deleted data from your iPod Touch, you’re probably very concerned right now and wondering how you can recover it. But fear not – there is a solution to your problem!

Enigma Recovery™ software will quickly scan your device for data; once it has been recovered it can be exported to your computer.

How to Recover, Transfer, Restore, & Backup iPod Touch Data

Choose which generation your iPod Touch is from the list on the left to read more about your model and data recovery options. Ensure that your iPod Touch has the iOS 6 software or higher installed in order to recover, restore extract and transfer data using the Enigma Recovery software. If you have an older version of the iOS software downloaded on your iPod Touch, all hope is not lost. Visit our blog and resources section to learn more about your options.

Enigma Recovery software is compatible with iPads running iOS 6 and higher.

Deleted data on iPod Touch

It is extremely easy to accidentally deleted something from a touch screen device. After a quick tap, flick or swipe, data is seemingly gone forever. However Enigma Recovery is able to recover deleted data directly from your iPod, iPhone or iPad device. Deleting files like messages, contacts and notes from your iPod Touch does not permanently erase the data, but simply transports it to a different location in the iPod database. Enigma Recovery can recover this data for you.

The software is compatible with iPod Touch devices running iOS 6 and above. After recovering your data, you have the choice of restoring it to your device or exporting it to your desktop in CSV, PDF, XML and other formats.

Existing data on iPod Touch

The software can also help you transfer existing files from your iPod Touch to your computer. If you wish to create space on your iPod or simply save data to your desktop, Enigma Recovery can assist you.

The recovery tool is also handy if your iPod Touch is ever stolen, lost or badly damaged. In these cases, the recovery solution will help you retrieve your much needed data from an iTunes or iCloud backup. If you have created a backup of your iOS device in the past, the software can extract data from this backup, as long as it was completed in iTunes or iCloud.

iPods supported

The following iPod models below running iOS 6 and higher, are compatible with Enigma Recovery. For other iOS devices please check our compatibility chart.

iPods with iOS 6 – iOS 13:

  • iPod touch 6

Recover, export and restore the following data:

* Only existing data can be recovered
* Restore feature is not available
* Locked notes cannot be recovered

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