How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

Find out how to recover notes from your iPhone, iTunes, Finder, or iCloud backup file

Compatibility: iOS 13 – 6 | iPhone SE / 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max / XS, XS Max / XR / X / 8, 8 Plus / iPhone 7, 7 Plus / 6s, 6s Plus / 6, 6 Plus / 5C, 5s / 5 / 4s / 4 / 3GS / 3, iPad, iPod Touch

Many of us store important information in Apple’s Notes app; it is a useful and convenient tool, so it can be extremely stressful when something goes wrong and you accidentally delete or lose notes on your iOS device. But do not worry, because we are going to explain how to recover lost or deleted notes on your iPhone, with or without a backup and with or without your device. Keep reading to find the best method for you to get your deleted notes back. If you have suffered from wider data loss, such as text messages or contacts, we can also help you recover this data.

These tutorials are compatible with a range of iPhones (and even works with iOS 13), including:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 11 / Pro / Max
  • iPhone XS / XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5/5c/5s
  • iPhone 4/4s

Option 1: How to Recover Deleted Notes from ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder

You may not be aware that when a note is deleted from your iOS device, including your iPhone, it is not immediately removed from the device, but is instead sent to the ‘Recently Deleted Folder’ within the Notes app. This useful folder should be the first place you look if you have accidentally deleted a note on your iPhone, as it stores notes for up to 30 days from deletion. If you have deleted a single note or a group of notes on your device in the last 30 days, and have not permanently deleted them as well, then you may be able to recover your notes directly from your iPhone, using the steps below:

Step 1 – Open Notes app

Open the Notes app on your iPhone and navigate to the ‘Folders’ view.

Open notes app and select folder view

Step 2 – Select the Recently Deleted folder

Tap on the Recently Deleted folder and search for the note(s) that you would like to recover.

Search for notes you would like to find

Step 3 – Select to recover

If the notes that you need are visible, tap ‘Edit’ and select the Note(s) that you would like to recover.

Select to recover

Step 4 – Move Notes back to the Main folder

Select ‘Move to…’ and tap the folder you would like to move the deleted note(s) back to. If you were not able to find your deleted notes using this method, keep reading to find out how you can extract your notes from a backup file or directly from your device.

Move note back to main folder

Enigma Recovery® Recover deleted notes from iPhone

Recover deleted notes from iPhone using your PC/Mac

Option 2: How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone Without a Backup

If you could not find your notes in the Recently Deleted folder, or you do not have a backup file, then this tutorial can help you retrieve your lost notes without a backup. You will need to use recovery software like Enigma Recovery to recover deleted notes without a backup file. Once you have extracted the notes you need from your device, you can either export them to your computer or restore them to your iPhone..

Step 1 – Download our software

Download, install and open Enigma Recovery on your Mac or Windows computer – it is free to try out and view a limited number of your notes.

Download Enigma Recovery

Step 2 – Select your recovery method

Select ‘Recover from my iOS device’ and then follow any on-screen instructions to connect your device.

Connect iphone to computer

Step 3 – Start the scan

Check the box to recover data from ‘Notes’ then click ‘Start Scan’. If you have suffered wider data loss, you can also choose to recover additional data types.

select to scan for notes

Step 4 – View recovered notes

Once the scan is complete, you can preview a selection of recovered notes in the corresponding tab. To view everything and export or restore files, you will need to upgrade to the full version of Enigma Recovery.

view deleted notes

Step 5 – Export your notes

To save notes to your computer in CSV, XML, PDF or XLSX format, go to ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Export to desktop’ > choose the location ‘Browse’ > ‘Export’.

save iphone notes

Step 6 – Restore notes to your device

The easiest way to restore notes to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is via our Restore app. Download the app, connect the device to your computer with a USB cable, then go to ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Restore to Device’ on Enigma Recovery. Once the transfer is complete, you can view the notes in the Restore app and, if you wish, copy, and paste them across to the Notes app.

restore deleted iphone notes

Option 3: How to Recover Deleted Notes from iTunes backup

If you have tried the first tutorial option but have not been able to recover your deleted notes, then you can try and recover the notes from iTunes (or Finder on Mac) instead. If you synced your iPhone to iTunes/Finder after the notes were created but before they were deleted, you will be able to retrieve your lost notes from the Finder or iTunes backup file. Follow our simple process below to extract your notes from iTunes using Enigma Recovery software.

Step 1 – Download Enigma Recovery

Download Enigma Recovery from this website. It is an iPhone data recovery tool that will allow you to scan your iPhone or iPhone backup file to retrieve deleted data.

Download and install enigma recovery

Step 2 – ‘Recover from my iTunes’

Open the software to the start screen and select ‘Recover from my iTunes’ from the side menu.

open recently deleted folder

Step 3 – Select backup to recover from

The software will show you all the backup files created on your computer or laptop. Choose the one you would like to retrieve data from and ‘Continue’.

select backup to recover from

Step 4 – Select data types to scan

Select the data types you would like to retrieve from this iPhone backup file and start the scan. The scan time will depend on how much data is in your backup file.

select notes datatype to scan

Step 5 – View recovered Notes

View your retrieved Notes after the software has finished scanning by clicking onto the Notes tab. You will be able to view all your notes in the full, unlocked version of Enigma Recovery.

view recovered notes

Step 6 – Save Notes to computer

You can save retrieved Notes to your computer or your laptop by using the export function. ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Export to desktop’ > Save to folder location ‘Browse’ > ‘Export’.

save and export notes to computer

Option 4: How to Recover Deleted Notes from iCloud backup

If you have an iCloud backup containing the notes you need, you can also recover your notes from the backup to get them back. Unlike a full device restore through iCloud, this method will allow you to select specific notes to extract and save them to your computer or restore them to your iPhone, without experiencing any further data loss. Use the tutorial below to see how:.

Step 1 – Download Enigma Recovery

Download the Enigma Recovery free trial from this website. Once the install is complete, open the software to the start screen.

Download enigma recovery

Step 2 – ‘Recover from my iCloud’

Choose ‘Recover from my iCloud’ from the menu at the side.

Recover from my icloud

Step 3 – Log in to iCloud

Now log into your iCloud. The software will keep your login secure by offering iCloud two-factor authentication login. Your login details will not be saved.

Log into icloud

Step 4 – Select iCloud backup

Once you have logged into iCloud, the software will display all the iCloud backup files you can recover data from. Select the backup file you wish to recover Notes from.ver data from. Select the backup file you wish to recover Notes from.

Step 5 – Select data type: Notes

Select the data types you would like to recover from the backup file and start the scan.

Select notes datatype

Step 6 – View Notes

To view your retrieved Notes, click onto the Notes tab after the scan.

View notes

Step 7 – Save Notes

To save retrieved data to your computer go to: ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Export to desktop’ > Folder location ‘Browse’ > ‘Export’.

Save and export notes


Is the Restore app compatible with notes?

Yes – our Restore app has been developed to work with our Enigma Recovery. First, use the software to recover deleted notes, with or without a backup file and then with your device connected to your computer, you can transfer your data back to the Restore app on your iPhone. Our Restore iOS app is completely free to download from the App Store.

Does your software support iOS 13?

We are pleased to say that with our software, you can recover deleted notes on the latest iOS version and the latest iPhone models.

Is Enigma Recovery compatible with password-protected notes?

If the note(s) that you need to recover was password-protected, the software will be able to recover them, however, you will need to enter the password in the software dashboard, so that the notes can be accessed.

If you need any help at all using the Enigma Recovery software, please contact our Support Team via the live chat or visit our FAQs.


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