How to Recover Old or Deleted Kik Messages on iPhone

Three easy methods to help you recover Kik messages on your iPhone

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Main methods to retrieve deleted Kik messages

Kik has quickly grown to become one of the most popular apps globally for instant messages, with over 300 million users. Active users mostly include the instant message masters – teens and young adults! For privacy and security reasons, Kik does not store messages for users and does not provide a function to save or backup Kik chats. Additionally, if you have not logged out or deleted Kik, you can find a maximum of 1000 for any chats in the last 48 hours, as well as 500 messages for older chats.

This can make accidentally losing or deleting Kik chat messages very stressful, as it can lead to the loss of very important conversations and sentimental messages. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, all is not lost! We are here to let you know that there are several methods that you can try to retrieve old or deleted Kik messages, using a third-party tool.

What devices is Enigma Recovery compatible with?

Method 1: Recover Deleted Kik Messages Straight from your iPhone

After accidentally deleting Kik chat history from your iPhone it is completely natural to think these files are gone forever. Once a file is deleted from your phone, however, it remains on your device and becomes available to be overwritten. Since you cannot recover your deleted Kik messages directly within the app, a good option is to use a third-party software, to recover and manage your deleted Kik messages. Enigma Recovery is a data recovery software for iOS devices and has been built to retrieve deleted data quickly. By installing the software on your Mac or PC, you can extract individual files, including Kik messages without damaging or overwriting any other data. Follow the steps below to recover deleted Kik messages straight from your iPhone. This tutorial is best if you do not have an iTunes backup file available to recover data from.

Step 1 – Download Enigma Recovery

Download Enigma Recovery from this website or you can sign up to receive the download link later if you are currently using a mobile or tablet device.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

Step 2 – Connect your iPhone to the computer

Once the software has been installed and opened, connect your iPhone to the computer or laptop using a USB cable. You will then need to trust the computer with your phone to continue.

Connect your iphone device

Step 3 – Select data type and scan

Select the ‘Kik’ data type from the scan list and start your scan. The software will scan the device for all deleted messages contained in this app.

select kik data type and scan

Step 4 – View Kik Messages

After the scan, you will be able to view deleted data recovered by the software. Click onto the Kik tab to see all recovered Kik messages.

view kik messages

Step 5 – Export messages

To export and save Kik messages to your desktop go to ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Export to desktop’ > Select folder ‘Browse’ > ‘Export’. This will allow you save your deleted Kik messages to your PC/Mac.

export recovered kik messages

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Method 2: Recover Deleted Kik Messages from iTunes Backup File

This method is best for those of you who have an iTunes or Finder backup file with the Kik messages that you need to recover. Given that Kik does not allow you to back up your chat history in the app, it is a good idea to make regular backups of your data, by connecting your iPhone to your computer and syncing with iTunes. With a Finder or iTunes backup file and Enigma Recovery software, you can recover your deleted Kik chat history from the backup, without any additional data loss or the need to overwrite your whole device, as would normally be the case with a full device restore.

Step 1 – Download Enigma Recovery

Select the download button above if you are using a laptop or computer, to download the Enigma Recovery software.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

Step 2 – Select Recover from my iTunes

From the side menu, select ‘Recover from my iTunes’. The program will then present all the iTunes and Finder backup files created with iOS devices on your computer.

Select recover from my itunes within the software

Step 3 – Choose the backup file

Select the backup that you wish to scan for deleted Kik messages. You can use the date column to help you find the correct file.

select backup to scan for kik messages

Step 4 – Scan file

Enigma Recovery gives you the option to recover all types of data. For extracting only Kik messages select “Kik” and start the scan. The recovery process might take a while, depending on how much data is stored in the backup file.

view kik messages

Step 5 – View data

You can view the retrieved data in detail by clicking on the ‘Kik’ data tab.

see recovered kik messages

Step 6 – Export messages

To transport and save Kik messages to your computer go to ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Export to desktop’ > Select folder ‘Browse’ > ‘Export’.

see recovered kik messages

Method 3: Recover Deleted Kik Messages from iTunes or iCloud Backup File

If your device was backed up to iCloud or iTunes (or Finder) after your Kik messages were created, but before they were lost or deleted, you can restore the backup file to get them back. However, with this method, there is a risk of potential additional data loss. When you sync your device with iCloud, iTunes or Finder and create a backup, it essentially becomes a snapshot of your device at that moment. This means that any data you have added to your device since your last backup would not be included in a dull device restore – depending on how often you have used your device since then, this may be a significant amount of data. This method is best for users who have a very recent backup from iTunes or iCloud, as this would allow for minimal data loss. If you do not have a recent backup file from your device, we recommend you try our first method of recovery, to find lost or deleted Kik messages directly from the device, without a backup file.


What iPhone models does Enigma Recovery support?

With Enigma Recovery software, you can recover deleted and old Kik messages from iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/SE/5/4.

Can I use Enigma Recovery to create a backup of my Kik Messages?

Yes, you can use Enigma Recovery software to recover and back up your Kik messages. When you retrieve Kik chat history from your device, you can export it via CSV, PDF, Excel or XML, and store it on your PC or Mac as a backup.

Will my Kik Messages be safe during recovery?

Your data is completely safe when using Enigma Recovery – our software will make a backup of your device, and use this to recover and display data to you.

If you need any help at all using the Enigma Recovery software, please contact our Support Team via our FAQs.


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