How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone

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Retrieve deleted iMessages with recovery software

With the release of iOS 10, Apple added a wealth of new features to the iPhone Messages app. Instant messaging is now becoming even more expressive and addictive, making your iMessages all the more important. Find out how to recover them from your iPhone once they have been deleted. You can follow the tutorial below, or get started here.

Deleting iMessages

The inbuilt instant message iMessage (IM) is a service that allows you to message other iPhone users for free. While text messages are sent through cellular towers, iMessage uses WiFi or your iPhone data connection to send messages. Accidentally deleting these items from your iPhone Messages app is easily done. In fact, it’s a common occurrence with touch screen devices if you wish you can adjust the 3D touch sensitivity in
Settings > General > Accessibility.

To recover accidentally or purposefully deleted iMessages, there is a 6-step tutorial you can complete using the third-party helper Enigma Recovery.

recover imessages

recover imessages

Recover from iTunes or iCloud

You can recover deleted iMessages by restoring your iPhone in iTunes or iCloud. This will restore the data in your iPhone backup back to your phone. If you backed up your iPhone after receiving the messages you seek, but before you deleted them, you can successfully restore deleted iMessages. However, this method will overwrite any new data your phone has received or made since your last backup. Thoughtfully consider these options before perusing them:

Restore iPhone from iTunes backup
Restore iPhone from iCloud backup

The alternative option to both of these methods provided by Apple is a third-party tool – Enigma Recovery. This iMessage recovery option will allow you to recover single or multiple iMessages without losing any current iPhone data. Follow the tutorial below to get started.

How to Recover Deleted iMessages From Your iPhone

Read the tutorial below to see how you can recover lost or deleted iMessages, and other data types from your iPhone.

You Will Need:

  1. Your iPhone
  2. Your iPhone USB cable
  3. The trial/full version of Enigma Recovery

Follow these steps

Step 1 – Open Enigma Recovery

recover deleted text messages

Open the software and select a device to recover from (iOS).

Step 2 – Connect iPhone

Connect your iPhone

Now connect your iPhone to the computer, using your USB cable.

Step 3 – Trust Computer

Trust your computer on device

Follow the instructions that appear to ‘Trust’ the computer with your device.

Step 4 – Scan device

start scan on iPhone

Select the data type you are looking for (or Select all). Then click ‘Start scan’.

Step 5 – Scan Report

deleted iphone text messages

After the scan, the software will let you know how many existing and deleted files have been found. Click a data type to view your recovered items.

Step 6 – See deleted messages

recover deleted iphone data

The main screen will now display all the existing and deleted messages from your device. Deleted messages can be restored to your handset or exported to the computer in Excel, CSV or XML format.

Step 7 – Export messages

how do you restore deleted text messages

Select the messages you wish to save, click ‘Export’ and choose ‘Export selected data only’. Or to save all messages, select ‘Export’ and ‘Export current tab’.

That’s it!

We hope you’ve had success retrieving your data. If you have any questions, please contact our support team here. We’re always happy to help!

Sending iMessages

Sending iMessages is a great way for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to communicate free of charge while connected to WiFi. It’s also a great way to freely send photos, videos, locations and contacts. That’s why it sucks so much when you accidentally deleted them!

In order to recover deleted iMessages, we recommend that you stop using your device until the iMessages have been retrieved and recovered. I know it’s hard however, your chances of recovering more data will increase. When you delete iMessages from your iPad or iPhone, the messages still remain on the database of the device for a certain amount of time. However, as you continue to use the handset or your tablet, deleted data is overwritten.

Enigma Recovery™

Enigma Recovery offers a safe recovery method for your iPhone as it will not interfere with the phone’s internal memory. In order to retrieve iPhone data, the software will simply copy the device database to your computer or laptop. Your device contents and settings will be protected throughout.

The software will also give you the option to scan an iPhone backup file located on your PC, to find even more messages. If you have ever synced your device to iTunes in the past, you should have a backup of your data on your computer. This is called a backup file. Enigma Recovery can help you to recover messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp, contacts and more from this iPhone backup file. So if you are unable to recover the desired data from your iPhone, try scanning your iPhone backup!

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