How to Retrieve Deleted Call History on iPhone

Accidentally deleted the call logs on your iPhone? Read our guides to recover your deleted call history from your iPhone

There are three ways to recover deleted call history from an iPhone. The first method is to extract the call logs straight from your iPhone, without a backup file. The second and third involve extracting data from a previously made backup in iTunes or iCloud. If you back up your phone on a regular basis, at least two of these methods will be available to use.

If you successfully synced your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud before the call history was deleted, you will be able to retrieve your missing call history by extracting data from a backup. Follow the steps below to find your lost data. Using one of the three ways below, you can recover deleted calls from your iPhone:

These tutorials will work for a range of iPhones, including the latest iPhone XS / XS Max and XR devices. You can also use these methods for other models including iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4.

Enigma Recovery

Enigma recovery is built to help you recover your deleted iPhone data. When a file is deleted from your iPhone, be it a message, a call, or a contact, the item is stored in the phone’s internal database. Many of our deleted items remain on our phones for long periods of time after deletion. These ghost files are eventually overwritten when new data is created. It is advised that if you are trying to recover deleted items from your iPhone, you do so as quickly as possible. This will increase your chances of finding the correct deleted files before they are inevitably overwritten!

The Enigma Recovery download itself is free. You’ll be able to use the software to see how much deleted data can be recovered from your device or backup file. After the scan of your device or file, you’ll be able to preview a portion of deleted items. To unlock the full version of Enigma where you can see all your data and save it, simply purchase a license key.

How to Recover Deleted Call History from iPhone without a backup

If you do not have a backup of your iPhone, either from iTunes or iCloud, you can recover the deleted call logs directly from your iPhone, by following this simple process:

Step 1 – Download and install Enigma Recovery

Using a laptop or computer, download Enigma Recovery from this website and install it to your desktop.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

Step 2 – Connect your iPhone to the computer or laptop

Using your phone’s USB cable, connect your iPhone to the computer and you will see the software recognise your device.

Connect your iphone to a computer or tablet

Step 3 – Select to scan ‘Calls’ and start scan

View the list of recoverable items and select to recover ‘Calls’ and start the scan. After the scan has completed, click ‘View data’ to view the recovered items.

Select to scan calls datatype

Step 4 – See deleted call history

When the software has finished scanning your device, you’ll be able to view a portion of your deleted call log. Proceed to view your data by clicking onto the ‘Calls’ tab at the side. You can now start ticking the files you would like to save, restore or print.

View deleted call history

Step 5 – Save call history

To save your data you will need to unlock the full version of Enigma Recovery. Click ‘Export & Restore’ and then ‘Export to desktop’. You may choose any location in which to save your data, and ‘Export’.

Save and export calls

Step 6 – Restore Call History

To restore your call history back to your iPhone, click ‘Export & Restore’ and then ‘Restore to device’. Install our free iOS app, Restore, on your device, and wait whilst the software transfers your call logs back to the app on your iPhone.

Restore ios app

Enigma Recovery® Recover deleted call history

Recover deleted call history using your PC/Mac

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How to Recover Deleted Call History From iCloud

Step 1 – Download Enigma Recovery

Although your call history is not visible in iCloud, an iPhone data recovery software can give you access to hidden iCloud files. Download and install Enigma Recovery to begin.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

Step 2 – Select Recover from my iCloud

From the side menu, select ‘Recover from my iCloud’.

Select recover from my icloud

Step 3 – Log into iCloud

Log into your iCloud account. Your login details will remain secure as the software will not retain or remember your details.

Log into icloud

Step 4 – Choose backup file

The software will show you all of the backup files found in your iCloud account. Select the one you would like to recover your call history from and ‘Continue’.

Choose icloud backup

Step 5 – Select Calls and start scan

Choose all the data types you would like to download from your iCloud account including your ‘Calls’. Now start your scan.

Select calls datatype and start scan

Step 6 – View deleted call history

View your recovered call history after the software has finished downloading data from your iCloud backup by selecting the ‘Calls’ tab.

View deleted call history

Step 7 – Save recovered data

To save your recovered call logs you will need to unlock the full version of Enigma Recovery. Select ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Export to desktop’ > select the location to save the data in > and finally ‘Export’.

Save and export recovered data

How to Recover Deleted Call History From an iTunes Backup

Call logs are included in all iTunes backup files; using Enigma Recovery software you can scan and extract deleted call history directly from your backup file.

Step 1 – Download Enigma Recovery

Download and install Enigma Recovery to help you successfully extract data from your backup files.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

Step 2 – Select Recover from my iTunes

From the side menu, select ‘Recover from my iTunes’. The software will then show you all the iTunes backup files available to download on your computer or laptop.

Select recover from itunes

Step 3 – Choose a backup file

Select a backup file to recover from and ‘Continue’. You may wish to select the one with the most recent date if you want to recover your most recent data.

Choose an itunes backup file

Step 4 – Select to scan Calls

Choose the data types that you would like to recover from the software and ‘Start scan’. You may just want to select ‘Calls’ only. This will reduce the time of the scan.

Select to scan calls

Step 5 – View deleted call history

Once the software has finished extracting files from your iTunes backup file. You will be able view data by clicking onto the ‘Calls’ tab.

View deleted call history

Step 6 – Save call logs

To save the call history to your computer in a readable format, unlock the full version of Enigma Recovery. Select ‘Export & Restore’ and ‘Export to Desktop’. You can change the location of where you’d like to save data by clicking ‘Browse’. Once you have done this, click ‘Export’ once more to save.

Save and export call logs


Can I retrieve deleted missed calls?

Yes, with a tool like Enigma Recovery iPhone recovery software, you can recover deleted call logs, including missed calls, outgoing calls, and incoming calls.

What information can I recover about calls with your software?

Our software will recover the phone number, time and date stamp of the call and contact name if the caller was saved in your iPhone.

Can I transfer existing Call Logs to my computer?

With Enigma Recovery software, you can view existing/non-deleted call logs from your iPhone, and then export them to your PC or Mac computer, as long as you meet our compatibility requirements.

We hope these tutorials have helped you recover your deleted calls from your iPhone. Let us know in the comments below or visit our Support section for further assistance.

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