How to Recover iPhone Data with iPhone Data Recovery Software

Why use our iPhone data recovery software?

  • Over 1 billion items recovered with 94% recovery rate
  • Incremental Backups to help you take control of your data
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What devices is Enigma Recovery compatible with?

Simple iPhone data recovery. Complete data restoration

Losing data from your iPhone or other iOS device can be stressful and upsetting. Data recovery for iPhones is a vital tool if your device ever gets lost, stolen or broken – or if you accidentally delete precious data. If this happens, you can rely on Enigma Recovery’s advanced data recovery software. It’s compatible exclusively with iOS devices and will recover the maximum amount of data for each user.

Our easy-to-use recovery tool has one of the most powerful algorithm implementations and can quickly locate the lost data, offering complete data restoration back to your iPhone using our Restore app.

Never backed up your iOS device?
Here’s how to recover deleted data straight from your iPhone

When you hit ‘delete’ in error, your data files aren’t completely lost. They are held in the back-end of your iPhone. They wait there until new data comes along and space is needed for storage. Therefore, providing you act fast, our data recovery software can help you recover and restore all your deleted data. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install Enigma data recovery software

    Iphone Data Recovery Step 1

    Open the software and select an iOS device to recover from.

  2. Connect iPhone and trust computer

    Iphone Data Recovery Step 2

    Now connect your iPhone to the computer, using your USB cable.

  3. Select the types of data you want to recover

    Iphone Data Recovery Step 3

    Select the data type you are looking for. You can choose any datatype or ‘Select all’. Then click ‘Start scan’.

  4. Scan iPhone

    Iphone Data Recovery Step 4

    Once you have selected your data-types and started the scan, you’ll just need to wait a moment while the software completes the data recovery scan.

  5. View deleted iPhone files

    Iphone Data Recovery Step 5

    After the scan, the software will let you know how many existing and deleted data files have been found.

  6. Restore iPhone data

    Iphone Data Recovery Step 6

    The main screen will now display all the existing and deleted data from your device. Deleted data can be restored to your handset or exported to the computer in Excel, CSV or XML format.

Recovering data from an iTunes backup

If you have backed up your iPhone data with iTunes, you can quickly and easily find your lost data and restore it to your phone using our software. Our data recovery system enables you to identify the precise data you’d like to recover without having to replace all your iPhone data with your latest backup file, which can lead to permanent loss of data.

  1. Download and install Enigma data recovery software

    Download and open Enigma recovery

    You can download and install Enigma data recovery software on a laptop or computer by visiting the Free Trial page, downloading the installer into your browser from the “Try & Buy” buttons.

  2. Connect iPhone and ‘trust’ computer

    Connect your iPhone and trust

    Now use your USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer.

  3. Choose iTunes backup file

    Choose iTunes backup file

    Select the iTunes backup file from which you would like to recover your data.

  4. Scan backup file

    Scan itunes backup file

    Select the exact data files you would like to recover from your backup file. You can also ‘select all’. Then start your scan.

  5. View and save data

    View and save data

    Now your scan has finished, view your data and save it in the location of your choice.

Recovering iPhone data from an iCloud backup

If you desperately need to recover data from your iPhone and have an iCloud backup, you can still get your data back. You may need to restore your iPhone’s data using your most recent iCloud backup file. If you haven’t kept up to date with your backups, consider using the Enigma data recovery software and performing data recovery direct from your phone, as you will lose any data not included in the most recent iCloud backup.

  1. Check that you have a recent iCloud backup

    In order to minimise the risks involved with data recovery involving the overwriting your iPhone data with your iCloud backup file, check you have backed up recently. You can do this on your iPhone in ‘Settings’ and clicking on your name, then ‘iCloud’, ‘Manage Storage’, ‘Backups’. Then select your device to view the latest iCloud backup information.

  2. Erase your device’s data

    If you’re happy to continue, select ‘Settings, ‘General’, ‘Reset’ and finally, ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. You will be asked to confirm this decision and there may be a short wait while the data is erased from your iPhone.

  3. Sign into your iCloud account

    When your phone restarts, the ‘Apps & Data’ screen will appear and you can select ‘restore from iCloud Backup’. You can then sign into your iCloud account, which involves entering your Apple ID.

  4. Choose backup

    Select the backup you want from the list of available backups.

  5. Restore iCloud backup

    Once the data recovery and restoration process is complete, you can return to using your iPhone as normal and your lost data should now be available to view on your device.

Restore app

Enigma Recovery is the only recovery program to offer a complete iPhone Data Recovery solution. Advanced algorithms within the desktop software search the iOS device or backup file, to retrieve lost and deleted files.

During the process, existing files are also retrieved and can be transferred to the desktop. After the device scan, the user has the option to export data or restore files back to the iPhone. This is done through the free Restore app.

Enigma Recovery software

What some of our users say

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“The best advice if you are using Enigma Recovery is to do so as quickly as possible after you realise you need to recover your deleted text messages. The longer you leave it the more likely it is you will have written over the required part of the memory”

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“Enigma Recovery and their software was crucial in helping out our police force in some of our recent forensic criminal investigations. We cannot fault their product and support. Would highly recommend”

Detective Sergeant Brian Collins


Do I need the latest version of iOS to recover my backed-up files from iCloud?

Yes. When you start the process of data recovery and restoring your lost data files from your iCloud backup, you may be prompted to update your iOS with the latest version. You may need to free up some space on your device in order to download the latest version of iOS software.

Why is overwriting my iOS device from my backups without Enigma Recovery risky?

If you decide to recover lost data files from your iTunes or iCloud backup without the use of third party data recovery software, you can lose data permanently. This is because data that has been stored on your iPhone or iPad between your last backup and the date on which your phone was damaged, or the data was accidentally deleted, won’t be recovered.

Can I recover lost iPhone data without a backup?

Yes. Your phone stores your deleted data in its back-end and marks it as available space for when your phone next needs to store new data. Therefore, it’s not actually permanently deleted right away and can be recovered and restored with the use of data recovery software.

You can also restore your lost data files onto your iPhone or other iOS device directly from your phone, but this involves a complete overwrite of your device’s data, which comes with risks.

How can I recover my lost text messages with data recovery software?

Our Enigma Recovery data recovery software allows you to single out specific message data to be received and restored. This is possible as the software scans the data in your iPhone’s back-end. When using our data recovery software, users can select to recover messages, rather than all data, which is extremely useful if you’ve deleted text messages or iMessages accidentally.

Will a free trial of data recovery software perform data recovery for iPhone?

Enigma Recovery allows you to check what data you can recover onto your iOS device for free. You just need to download the software and scan your device for deleted data files. You can then purchase the full version when you are sure you want to go ahead and perform a full data recovery.

Once you’ve opted for the full version of our software, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Incremental backups to help you take control of your data
  • Restore your data back to your iOS device
  • Export your data to your computer in PDF, XML, CSV, VCF & XLS

Remember, you don’t need to pay for the full version of the software until you’ve scanned your iPhone or other iOS device and established that the files you want to recover are retrievable.

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