How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPad

Compatibility: We fully support iOS 14 and the devices listed below

Recover iPad photos with Enigma Recovery software

When smartphones and tablets came to the forefront of our relationship with technology, one area in particular was affected dramatically – taking photos. No longer were you required to carry a separate digital camera on your travels. Instead, all of your photography requirements were bundled into a single device such as an iPad.

And our obsession with photographs have been further encouraged by the surge in social apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat; resulting in an overwhelming need to create, store and share images.

However, the increasing accessibility of photos and images is met only by the dreaded levels of distress when we’ve experienced unexpected data loss. Be it the accidental swipe of a finger, a failed iOS upgrade or even the loss / theft of your iPad, the photos stored in your device are at constant risk of deletion.

And seeing as though they contain captured moments of precious memories and experiences, the impact of losing them is very high.

But with Enigma recovery – a data rescuing software designed with the iPad in mind – you can improve the chances of recovering photos which you thought were gone forever. And as a pre-emptive measure, you can even transfer existing images onto your computer for safe-keeping.

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How to Recover iPad Photos From Your iTunes Backup File

iPads have become very popular extensions of our smartphones, allowing us a greater degree of flexibility in performing certain tasks – internet browsing, gaming, working and even video conferencing. Their larger screens have also made them a preferred choice for taking and sharing images, in particular for apps such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. As such, users are now accustomed to accumulating a very large archive of pictures which may be more valuable than the actual iPad itself.

So the effects of suddenly losing them – accidental deletion, software failure or even misplacing the device – can be very distressing for the user. Which is why Apple recommend their users to regularly synchronise their iPad device with iTunes as often as possible. In doing so, Enigma Recovery has a better chance of recovering photos which may have since been deleted from the iPad. This is especially useful in unfortunate circumstances where the tablet has been lost or stolen, or if the device has been damaged to the extent that direct access to its contents is no longer possible.

For a glimpse of how Enigma Recovery can you help you retrieve both lost and existing photos from an iTunes backup file, please read on. The below contains instructions and screenshots of the software in action.

You Will Need:

  1. A laptop or computer
  2. Latest version of iTunes
  3. To have a previous iTunes backup to recover from
  4. The full version of Enigma Recovery

Follow these steps

Step 1 – Open Enigma Recovery

recover deleted text messages

Open the software and select a device to recover from (iOS).

Step 2 – Recover from iTunes backup

Step 2 - Recover from iTunes backup

Now select the option to ‘Recover from iTunes backup’ on the left.

Step 3 – Select backup file

Step 3 - Select backup file

Click the backup file you would like to recover from then click ‘Next’.

Step 4 – Scan file

Step 4 - Scan file

Now select to scan any data types you would like to extract, and hit ‘Start scan’.

Step 5 – Scan report

Step 5 - Scan report

After the scan, the software will let you know how many existing and deleted files have been found. Click a data type to view the recovered items.

Step 6 – See deleted photos

Step 6 - See deleted iPhone photos

The main screen will now display your photos. Deleted photos can now be exported to your computer.

Step 7 – Export photos

Step 7 - Export photos

Select the photos you wish to save click “Export” and choose “Export selected data”. Or to save all photos, select ‘Export’ and ‘Export current tab’.

That’s it!

We hope you’ve had success retrieving your data. If you have any questions, please contact our support team here. We’re always happy to help!

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Software Compatible With:

  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3rd Generation
  • iPad 4th Generation
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • Devices with up to iOS 10


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