How to Retrieve Deleted Facetime Call History

Compatibility: We fully support iOS 14 and the devices listed below

Recover iPhone & iPad FaceTime calls with Enigma Recovery

FaceTime gives Apple device users the ability to keep in touch with each other from anywhere in the world. With a WiFi or data connection, free video and audio calls are made possible. Your FaceTime call history can always be retrieved. Whether for personal or legal reasons, you can retrieve your FaceTime call log here.

Making calls

The expense of calling internationally can be eliminated using video calling apps like FaceTime. When connected over WiFi FaceTime very simply allows you to make international audios and video calls for free across a range of Apple iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The FaceTime app just like the Calls app is inbuilt into your Apple iOS device, and just like the calls app, it keeps a record of your FaceTime call log. You may need to keep a record of your FaceTime call log for legal reasons or even personal reasons. The tutorial below will help you extract existing and deleted FaceTime from your iPhone or iPad

Enigma Recovery desktop software

In order to extract lost data from an iOS Apple device, a third party is needed. Once an item is deleted from an iPhone or iPad, the file is not necessarily gone as it resides in the device’s database. However most users believe that once an item is deleted, a message, a call log, a phone number, it is erased forever. Enigma Recovery is an iOS data recovery software. With it you are able to scan an iPad or iPhone to retrieve a variety of lost files.

recover ipad calls

Deleting iOS data

Upon deletion, a file is never wiped permanently. Instead, the codes making up the file are stripped and its location is reserved for when a newly created file requires space. Enigma Recovery is designed to find these missing files and re-construct them in a readable format for the user – who can then decide what he or she would like to do with them. Download Enigma Recovery and follow the tutorial below to recover deleted iPad FaceTime calls.

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How to Recover FaceTime Call History from Your iPad

Use the tutorial below to help you recover you FaceTime call logs – existing and deleted.

You Will Need:

  1. Your iPad device with a compatible USB cable.
  2. A computer (Mac or Windows)
  3. The most up-to-date version of iTunes
  4. A free or full version of Enigma Recovery

Follow these steps

Step 1 – Open Enigma Recovery

Open enigma recovery software

Download the software Enigma Recovery from this page. Once you have installed the program, open to the start page.

Step 2 – Connect iPad

Connect your iPhone

Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer, using your USB charging cable.

Step 3 – Trust Computer

Trust your computer on device

Follow the instructions that appear to ‘Trust’ the computer with your device.

Step 4 – Scan device

start scan on iPhone

Instruct the software to scan your device for ‘Call History’ and start your scan.

Step 5 – Scan Report

deleted iphone text messages

Once the scan has finished, you will be able to see your retrieved call history showing all existing and deleted call logs found. This will include FaceTime logs.

Step 6 – View your deleted call history

Step 6 – View your deleted call history

Select the ‘calls’ to view the retrieved call history. Under call type, you will see the distinction between phone calls and FaceTime calls

Step 7 – Export Call-History

Step 7 (Optional) - Export data

To export the call history to your desktop, select the Export option in the top right.

That’s it!

We hope you’ve had success retrieving your data. If you have any questions, please contact our support team here. We’re always happy to help!

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