How to Retrieve Deleted Facetime Call History on iPad

Recover FaceTime calls with Enigma Recovery

The manner in which we make voice calls is drastically changing. The rapid development of technology and the internet has provided other alternatives to network carrier calls. It’s no surprise then that many iOS callers opt for FaceTime. Whether it’s for legal or personal reasons, you can recover deleted FaceTime calls by following the guide below. Or get started here.

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iPad FaceTime calls

Making video or voice calls through the FaceTime app is completely free when used with Wi-Fi. It’s especially useful for making international calls. Coupled with the ability to synchronise an iPhone with an iPad, users have the added dynamics of a larger screen and better processor for video calls.

Be it for personal or work usage there may be a need to keep a record of your calls. But what happens if this is suddenly deleted – be it by accident, intentional or even a faulty iOS upgrade?

Enigma Recovery desktop software

There is no visible recycling bin to unearth deleted data on your iPad, so it’s natural to think deleted files have been completely wiped. To retrieve the call history that’s collected on your tablet a third-party tool is needed.

Enigma Recovery is an iOS data recovery software. With it you are able to scan an iPad or iPhone to retrieve a variety of lost files.

recover ipad calls

Deleted iPad data

Upon deletion, a file is never wiped permanently. Instead, the codes making up the file are stripped and its location is reserved for when a newly created file requires space. Enigma Recovery is designed to find these missing files and re-construct them in a readable format for the user – who can then decide what he or she would like to do with them. Download Enigma Recovery and follow the tutorial below to recover deleted iPad FaceTime calls.

How to Recover FaceTime Call History from Your iPad

To see Enigma Recovery in action, please read our step-by-step tutorial – including screenshots of the software – for recovering lost call history from an iPad.

You Will Need:

  1. Your iPad device with a compatible USB cable.
  2. A computer (Mac or Windows)
  3. The most up-to-date version of iTunes
  4. A free or full version of Enigma Recovery

Follow these steps

Step 1 – Open Enigma Recovery

recover deleted text messages

Open the software and select a device to recover from (iOS).

Step 2 – Connect iPad

Connect your iPhone

Now connect your iPad to the computer, using your USB cable.

Step 3 – Trust Computer

Trust your computer on device

Follow the instructions that appear to ‘Trust’ the computer with your device.

Step 4 – Scan device

start scan on iPhone

Select the data type you are looking for (or Select all). Then click ‘Start scan’.

Step 5 – Scan Report

deleted iphone text messages

After the scan, the software will let you know how many existing and deleted files have been found. Click a data type to view your recovered items.

Step 6 – View your deleted call history

Step 6 – View your deleted call history

The ‘calls’ tab will display all the existing and deleted calls found on your device.

Step 7 – Export Call-History

Step 7 (Optional) - Export data

To export: Simply click ‘Export’ > ‘Export current tab’ > ‘Export’.

That’s it!

We hope you’ve had success retrieving your data. If you have any questions, please contact our support team here. We’re always happy to help!

Since it debuted with iOS 4 in 2010, Apple’s FaceTime app – available for both voice and video – has proven to be a popular alternative to the traditional method of calling. Using an internet connection instead of the phone’s network service, this inexpensive method of communicating has encouraged users to remain connected with friends and family anywhere around the world. It’s also given them the freedom to synchronise with a number of other Apple devices – iPods, iPads and Macs – to vary their calling methods. And it’s perhaps the iPad, due to its portability and large screen, that FaceTime is being used the most with.

And as with regular calls, FaceTime activity is stored in call-logs; allowing users to keep track of who and when calls have been made / received with. However, there may be unfortunate cases where some, or all, of your call history may have been erased – be it intentionally, accidentally or from a simple software malfunction. Asking your network or internet provider to retrieve call activity isn’t possible; therefore, a specialist data recovery software for tablet devices may be required.

Enigma Recovery works with all iOS devices, in particular iPads. And one of the main file types it’s designed to retrieve are FaceTime call-logs for both video and voice calls. It has the unique ability to locate missing file paths of deleted activities and reconstructing them into a readable format to present back to the user.

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