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iOS 13 logo We fully support iOS 14 and the devices listed below

What devices is Enigma Recovery compatible with?

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The software then gives you the ability to view both existing and recovered content – which can then be exported and saved to your computer. The software can be used with iPads running from iOS 6 up to iOS 9.3, and can handle the following types of files. To find out more about Enigma Recovery and how it recovers data, please select below the type of content you’re looking to retrieve.

*Deleted data can be recovered only from iTunes backups.

How to Retrieve Your iPad Data

Despite what most users may believe, deleted data from an iPad can still be rescued. The recovery process is very similar to other devices – such as an iPhone or an iPod Touch – and with our unique software, Enigma Recovery, you’ll be able to detect most of the tablet’s contents.

When a file is deleted from your device (be it accidentally or a simple software malfunction), its code is stripped and the location in which it’s saved is reserved for a new file when it’s created. Enigma Recovery works by finding missing file paths and piecing back broken bits of data to present in a readable format.

How to Recover, Transfer, Restore, & Backup iPad Data

Of the many iPad models that have been released over the years, pick yours from the menu below this text. In order to use the Enigma Recovery software to help restore, recover, extract and transfer your files and data, your iPad needs to be running iOS 6 or later. For those models that are running on older iOS versions, please visit the blog and resources sections of our site to find more information that could help.

Enigma Recovery software is compatible with iPads running iOS 6 and higher.

Deleted data on iPad

The content on your iPad is always at risk to unexpected deletion. This can easily happen manually, the software malfunctioning or even the device getting lost or stolen.

But fortunately, with Enigma Recovery, there is a great chance of retrieving lost or deleted data. The software has the unique ability to scan and rescue content from the device itself, or from previous backups to iTunes.

Select your iPad model from the list below to learn more about your device.

Existing data on iPad

Whether you need take precautionary action to back up your existing iPad data, or if you’ve lost your device and need to retrieve content from iTunes backups, Enigma Recovery is the perfect solution.

Not only does it work to recovery content that’s already been deleted, but it will handle existing data so that you can transfer to your computer for safe-keeping.

What some of our users say

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“The best advice if you are using Enigma Recovery is to do so as quickly as possible after you realise you need to recover your deleted text messages. The longer you leave it the more likely it is you will have written over the required part of the memory”

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“Enigma Recovery and their software was crucial in helping out our police force in some of our recent forensic criminal investigations. We cannot fault their product and support. Would highly recommend”

Detective Sergeant Brian Collins

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