How to Download Your WhatsApp History from iCloud

Download your backed-up WhatsApp messages and attachments from iCloud

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Compatible with Windows and Mac computers

Compatibility We fully support iOS 14 and the devices listed below

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WhatsApp update

WhatsApp is without question, the world’s most popular instant messaging app service. With the release of the latest update 2.17, WhatsApp have incorporated bug fixes, improved chat search and added an update that allows Siri to read your latest WhatsApp messages to you! Due to its palpable popularity WhatsApp messages may now be just as valuable and significant as text and iMessages. It is very important therefore for you to know how to access your WhatsApp message history. This tutorial will allow you to download your WhatsApp history from an iCloud backup.

Access old WhatsApp threads

You will always have access to old iPhone WhatsApp messages and attachments, as long as you have backed them up in iTunes or iCloud. WhatsApp recovery is possible through downloading a previously created backup in iCloud or iTunes. Follow the tutorial below to see how you can download your WhatsApp history from iCloud. This software is available in a limited trial version, simply click download above to receive the trial.

Obtaining deleted WhatsApp messages

Towards the end of 2016, WhatsApp started encrypting its messages. Third party software products have since been unable to recover deleted messages straight from iPhone devices. However, you can still access these deleted messages as long as you created a backup of your phone after the messages were created, but before they were deleted. Enigma Recovery is specialised in iCloud downloads and iTunes extractions to enable iPhone data recovery.

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Download Your WhatsApp History from iCloud

To complete this tutorial, you will need your laptop/computer and your iCloud login details.

Step 1 – Get Enigma Recovery

Open Enigma recovery select iOS

Download the iCloud extractor tool Enigma Recovery from this page. Once you have installed the software to your desktop, open to the start screen.

Step 2 – Select recover from iCloud

Connect your iPhone

Select the ‘Recover from iCloud’ option to the left and log into your iCloud to access your account.

Step 3 – Select backup

Select backup option

Once you have logged in you can select the backup file that you would like to recover from.

Step 4 – Select WhatsApp

Select whatsapp data and scan

Now chose the file types that you would like to download from your iCloud account, and start your scan.

Step 5 – View WhatsApp history

Scan in progress

After the download has completed, you will be able to click to the WhatsApp tab to view your downloaded WhatsApp threads.

Step 6 – Export data

Export your retrieved whatsapp data

You can now save your downloaded WhatsApp files in various formats to your desktop. Use the ‘Export’ to do this.

Enigma Recovery

It’s very important to backup your iPhone data in a timely and consistent manner to prevent data loss in any given circumstance. In the event of a stolen or lost phone, you will still be able to access your contacts, messages, call history and more through the extraction or download of your iPhone backup. Enigma Recovery is an iPhone data recovery product skilled in the extraction of deleted data from iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

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Compatible with Windows and Mac computers

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