How to Download Photos from your iCloud Backup

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Get Photos from iCloud

Downloading photos from your iCloud backup to a computer is a smooth process. Many people are choosing to back up their backups – this is not a bad route to take especially due to the threat of data loss in many forms. Stolen phones, accidental deletion, broken devices are all very real threats and situations that smartphone users face every day. Downloading photos from your iCloud backup may not be a bad idea. Read below how to complete this process.

Backing up your backups

Unfortunately, once you make a backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in iTunes or iCloud, your data is not easily accessed without restoring your backup back to your device. So simple wishes like downloading photos taken with your iPhone or iPad from iCloud is not a drag and drop process.

Although you are able to login to your iCloud online, access to the following data types is restricted: WhatsApp attachments, call history, iMessages, text messages and photo stream. In order to access and download photos from iCloud, you will need a little extra help.

More control of your iOS files

Enigma Recovery is an iPhone data recovery program that gives you greater access to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch files. With it you can access and transfer text messages, contacts and call history files, even if they have been previously deleted. It also helps you access old photos and videos from iPhone backup files saves through iTunes or to iCloud.

Looking at photos on computer

Option 1

New photos and videos added to your iCloud Photo Library will automatically be downloaded to your PC.

Download the entire photo library here:

  1. Open your File Explorer
  2. Under Quick access or Favourites and select iCloud Photos
  3. Click Download photos and videos to view your files
  4. Now select the videos and photos you would like to download
  5. Click Download and your photos and videos will be downloaded to the location selected in iCloud Photos Options.

Option 2

If the first option is not working for you, or if you do not have the iCloud Photos option on your computer, there is another tutorial you can try. Not everything can be as straight forward as you plan it or as you intend, but you can trust Enigma Recovery to help you manage your iPhone data. Start the steps here to download iCloud photos to your computer right now.

Step 1 – Download Enigma Recovery

Open Enigma recovery select iOS

Select the download button above to download Enigma Recovery to your computer or laptop

Step 2 – Select recover from iCloud

Connect your iPhone

Launch Enigma Recovery and select the option to ‘Recover from iCloud at the left of the software window.

Step 3 – Select backup

Select backup option

Select the backup file you would like to download the photos from

Step 4 – Select data

Select data and scan

Select photos and any other data types you would like to download from your iCloud backup

Step 5 – Scan iCloud

Scan in progress

Start your scan and the software will download from the iCloud backup

Step 6 – View and export photos

Export you retrieved data

Save the data that has been found by the software to your computer. Select Export and choose a location to save your data.

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Compatible with Windows and Mac computers

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