How to Recover Data from a Dead iPhone that Won’t Turn On

How to Recover Data from a Dead iPhone that Won’t Turn On
How to Recover Data from a Dead iPhone that Won’t Turn On
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If your iPhone is dead, to the extent that you can’t turn the device on, you are probably feeling pretty anxious. If you’ve lost your phone or it has been stolen, you might even feel a little panicky. We understand that feeling. We all invest so much in our smartphones, with iPhone users in particular trusting their mobiles with some of their most precious data.

So what do you do when your iPhone lets you down and you can’t access that data? Firstly, you don’t need to worry, you have options and our data recovery software can help.

Is my iPhone dead?

First thing’s first. Let’s make sure your iPhone is actually ‘dead’. If your iPhone won’t turn on, try restarting it manually by following the instructions provided by Apple. If your iPhone remains dead, plug the phone in to ensure it’s not in need of a charge. Finally, try plugging it into your computer with a USB cable. Still nothing? Then you need to prioritise recovery of your data. This is where Enigma Recovery can help.

Why is my iPhone dead?

Many iPhone users have damaged their phone in one way or another at some point over the years. Common causes of damage include dropping iPhones, dropping something on your iPhone, getting it wet or smashing the screen. If you don’t have a case or cover for your iPhone, iOS devices themselves are pretty vulnerable and it’s easy to make a mistake that leaves you with a dead iPhone and data in need of recovery.

Here are some of the common causes of a dead iPhone:

  • Hardware problems
  • Smashed screen
  • Dropped iPhone
  • Water in your iPhone
  • You’ve lost your iPhone
  • Your iPhone has been stolen

What are the three options for data recovery from a dead iPhone?

Ok, let’s talk data recovery options. You want your data back and you want it back quickly. The options you have all allow you to access your stored phone data on your computer, which will enable you to use the stored data on a new iPhone, or on your existing iPhone once you have it fixed. Great news isn’t it?

Your three main options:

  • Data recovery directly from a dead iPhone
  • Data recovery from a dead iPhone using iTunes backup
  • Data recovery from a dead iPhone using iCloud backup

The first option involves connecting your dead iPhone to a computer to extract files directly from the iOS device. The second is to recover iPhone data from your iTunes backup file, using third party data recovery software to find and restore specific data, and the third is to use your iCloud or iTunes backup files alone.

Enigma Recovery is a tool used to extract deleted and existing files from iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. The software uses advanced algorithms to recover, retrieve and export data even if your iOS device is dead or if it’s no longer in your possession.

What data can I recover from my dead iPhone?

Enigma Recovery software can be used to recover the following types of data from your dead iPhone:

What devices is Enigma Recovery compatible with?

How to recover data from a dead iPhone directly

Enigma Recovery data recovery software is the best option if you still have the phone in your possession, even if it won’t turn on. It’s easy to use and it keeps your entire data safe by creating a copy of your iPhone’s database, allowing you to transfer it to your computer. Simply download the software and install it on your computer.

Follow these steps to recover iphone data from dead iPhone directly:
  1. Open Enigma Recovery

    Download and open Enigma Recovery data recovery software. After installing the data recovery software on your PC, open it to the start screen.

    Download enigma recovery to start recovering data from a dead iphone
  2. Connect the dead iPhone to your computer

    Using a USB cable, make the connection between the two devices. Click ‘recovery from device’

    Connect iphone and computer and click recover from device
  3. ‘Trust’ computer

    In order to recover data from your dead iPhone, you must select ‘Trust this computer’ first. Enigma Recovery will recognise your iPhone immediately.

    Trust connection between computer and device
  4. Chose the data you want to recover from dead iPhone

    You can now choose what type of data you want to recover. If you wish to recover all of it, click on “Select all”. Now the data recovery software will start to scan your dead iPhone for data.

    Select data types and start scanning to start retrieve data of your dead iphone
  5. Recovered Data

    After scanning your iOS device, the software will show you the deleted and existing data that has been recovered. Each type of data can be seen in detail, by clicking on the left side list.

    View the scan report results from your dead iphone
  6. Export

    Choose the data you want to recover and transfer to your computer and select ‘Export’. At this stage you can choose to transfer all of the recovered data, the current tab or the selected files. That’s it! Your existing and deleted files are now recovered safely.

    Save and export your dead iphone recovered files

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How to recover data from a dead iPhone using iTunes backup

Every time you sync your iPhone with iTunes (or Finder), a backup file is created on your computer, containing a copy of the data that’s stored on your iOS device at that exact moment. iTunes was designed for restoring data on your iOS device, but these backup files can also be used for data recovery from dead iPhones.

The key to using Enigma Recovery data recovery software in the process of recovering data from your iTunes backup file is that it allows you to select the exact data you want to recover. This is a far more precise approach to data recovery from a dead iPhone than recovering from iTunes without the help of our data recovery software.

Here are the simple steps to follow:
  1. Download, install and open Enigma Recovery

    Download and install the data recovery software on your computer, and open it.

    Download and open enigma recovery to start recovering data An iphone that Won't turn on
  2. Recover iPhone data from iTunes backup file

    Click on “Recover from iTunes backup”, on the left side menu.

    Connect iphone and computer and click recover from device
  3. Select appropriate iTunes backups

    All of the available iTunes backup files will appear on the main screen. Pick the one that you wish to recover iPhone data from.

    Select itunes backup you want to retrive data from
  4. Choose what data to recover from the dead iPhone

    Here you have the opportunity to choose what type of data to recover from the backup file. If you click on “Select all”, the software will start scanning all of the data.

    Select data types and start scanning
  5. Recover files

    Scanning the iTunes backup file might take a while, depending on how much data there is to recover from it. All the deleted and existing data the software finds will appear on the main screen. You can click on each one for a more detailed view.

    View the scan report results
  6. Export

    Pick what data you wish to recover from the dead iPhone’s backup file, and then click on ‘Export’ to transfer it to your computer.

    View the recovered files from your dead iphone and export them

How to recover data from a dead iPhone using iCloud backup

Your iPhone is backing up with iCloud by default, every time it is charging, the screen is locked and the Wi-Fi is turned on. The only reason you might not be auto-updating your backup data file in iCloud is if you untoggled this option in your iPhone ‘Settings’.

Thanks to this automatic backup, most iPhone users can access lost data from their iCloud account, which is accessible online using your Apple ID. However, recovering data this way means relying on the latest backup, which might not include all your latest photos, videos, messages and other valuable personal data. Overwriting your iPhone from an iCloud backup is an inelegant approach as it requires a total reset, and possible loss of data.

If you are confident that this is the best data recovery option for you, then you can sign into your iCloud account, on any computer, using your Apple ID. You can use this file to overwrite your iPhone data file once it’s fixed, or to populate a new iPhone with the data from your previous iPhone.

Follow these steps:
  1. Check for a recent iCloud backup file

    Logging onto your iCloud account with your Apple ID will allow you to view your latest backup file and check it has the data you are looking for.

  2. Erase your iPhone’s data file

    If your phone switches on, but you can’t access your data, you can choose to erase the device by selecting ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Reset’ and ‘Erase all Content and Settings’. Then select to set up your iPhone as if it were a new device.

  3. Restore data from iCloud

    Whether you have a new iPhone or are setting up your existing iPhone as a new device, the ‘Apps and Data’ screen will appear. From here, select ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ and then sign in using your Apple ID.

  4. Choose the correct backup

    Once you’re logged in, you can select the backup file you want to restore from.

  5. Restore iCloud backup

    Wait whilst the iCloud backup is restored to your device. Once this is complete, you can return to using your phone as normal.

Remember, you can view some of the recoverable data using our software without having to download the full version. You can just sign up for a free trial. You do, however, need to download the paid-for version to recover the lost data to your computer.

We are all human and humans make mistakes. Sometimes our iPhones die because we drop them. Sometimes our screens smash because we step on them. Sometimes we put our phones down in puddles of water. Thank goodness for the folk at Enigma Recovery, making sure you can restore data that’s valuable to you and that your precious iPhone data is never lost for very long.


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