How to Recover Data from a Broken iPhone

How to Recover Data from a Broken iPhone
How to Recover Data from a Broken iPhone
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Our iPhones and iPads have become vital parts of our lives. We use them to store our most important data. Many of us keep records of personal information in our ‘notes’ app and have hundreds of photos and videos of cherished times and loved ones saved on our iPhones. Perhaps you regularly look back at the message history saved in your iOS device to find addresses, important dates or simply to reminisce. So what happens if your iPhone breaks?

If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone or iPad on the ground, or in water, or smashed the screen, you’ll be familiar with that heart-in-mouth moment when you check whether your device still works. Often the phone will turn on but some data may be missing from your broken iPhone. If your iOS device screen is permanently damaged or the water marks are severe, you can extract your iPhone data with the help of Enigma Recovery’s data recovery software.

Can you save your data when your iPhone is broken?

Yes, you should be able to recover data from a broken IPhone, with or without a back-up file. Broken iPhones will usually still hold lost data in their back-ends and the data can be accessed and recovered using our data recovery software.

Our powerful data recovery software will extract data from your broken iOS device

The best way to recover data from your broken iPhone, iPad or other iOS device, is to use Enigma Recovery data recovery software, which will enable you to recover data lost due to damage, and restore it to your PC or Mac computer.

There are three main ways to extract data from a broken iPhone:

  • Extracting data from a broken iPhone without a back-up

  • Extracting data from a broken iPhone with an iTunes back-up

  • Extracting data from a broken iPhone with an iCloud backup

Below, we’ll take you through each process, step by step, making it quick and simple to recover data from your broken iPhone.

What devices is Enigma Recovery compatible with?

  1. Download Enigma Recovery

    Download and open the data recovery software on your PC or Mac, from this site.

    Step one – In Get Data off a Broken iPhone
  2. Connect your iOS device

    Connect your iOS device to your computer with your USB cable and turn it on. You’ll only be able to recover data from your broken iPhone or iPad if you can still turn the device on. Once connected, you may be asked to ‘trust’ the computer.

    Step two – Connect your Device to Retrieve Data from your Broken iPhone
  3. Select data you want to recover and start scan

    Now, you can ‘Select All’ data or choose only certain data types to recover from your broken iPhone. You may have a small wait while the data recovery software scans your broken iPhone and retrieves the lost data.

    Step Three – Select Data Type and Scan for the Data on your Broken iPhone
  4. View the recovered data

    View the retrieved data by clicking the various data tabs. You can then choose to save the data to your PC or Mac computer by selecting ‘Export & Restore’, ‘Export to Desktop’, then select location in ‘Browse’ folder and click ‘Export’.

    Step Four – View your Retrieved Data from your Broken iPhone

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Extracting data from a broken iPhone with an iTunes backup

Anyone looking to recover data from a broken iPhone, iPad or other iOS device that they have backed up to iTunes can also do so with Enigma Recovery. Using our data recovery software allows our users to pinpoint the precise data they need to recover, and they can avoid overwriting their existing data with their backup file, which might not be complete or fully up to date.

An added bonus with this approach when you want to recover data from your broken iPhone is that you don’t have to plug the broken iPhone in or turn it on. Follow these steps for the best data recovery approach for those with iTunes backup:

  1. Download and install Enigma Recovery

    You can download Enigma Recovery to your laptop or computer from this website. Simply click ‘Download’ and install the data recovery software.

    Download Enigma Recovery and install
  2. Select ‘Recover from my iTunes’

    From the side menu, select ‘Recover from my iTunes’. The data recovery software will then retrieve all the backup files located on your computer.

    Select recover from my itunes
  3. Choose the backup file

    Select the backup file you would like to recover data from. Use the date column to find out when each backup file was created. This tool, provided by Enigma Recovery, helps you find the exact backup file you are looking for.

    Select itunes backup and scan
  4. Select data type and scan

    Next you’ll need to select the data types you would like to retrieve from the backup file, such as ‘messages’ if you only need to recover your lost text messages or iMessages, for example, or you can ‘Select All’ to extract all data types from your backup files. Then start the data recovery scan.

    Select data type and scan
  5. View retrieved data

    To view your retrieved data, click onto each data type after the data recovery software has finished scanning your backup.

    View retrieved data
  6. Save retrieved data to your computer

    You can save data to your desktop computer by selecting ‘Export & Restore’, ‘Export to desktop’, Select folder ‘Browse’, then ‘Export’.

    Save retrieved data and export to your computer

Extracting data from a broken iPhone with an iCloud backup

Extracting data from your broken iPhone, iPad or other iOS device when you have an iCloud back-up, without using a third party data recovery software option, such as Enigma Recovery, is possible, but comes with risks. If you are relying solely on your iCloud backups you may find that your automatic backups have not taken place for a period of time and some recent data has not been saved.

iCloud backups tend to take place when your iPhone is plugged in and charging and your phone is also connected to a WiFi network. Backups can take time and can be interrupted, and may, therefore, be incomplete. Alternatively, your manual backups may not have been carried out for a while and your more recent messages, pictures, videos and call information are unlikely to have been stored in your iCloud account before your phone got damaged.

Using Enigma data recovery software maximises the chances that your data will all be recovered. If you decide to recover your broken iPhone data without third party software, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your iCloud account

    You can do this on your PC or Mac using your Apple ID to view your backup data files.

  2. Erase your device’s content

    If you want to restore your data onto your existing damaged iPhone, select ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Reset’ and ‘Erase all Content.’

  3. Reboot your iPhone

    If you are keeping your broken iPhone, reboot your device. Select the option to set the iPhone up as a new device.

  4. Restore from iCloud

    Whether you have a new iPhone, or are keeping your existing phone, the ‘Apps & Data’ screen will appear when setting it up. From here you can select ‘Restore from iCloud’. Sign into your iCloud account and your iPhone will be restored from your most recent iCloud backup file.


Why might I need to retrieve data from a broken iPhone?

There are a number of common ways in which an iPhone can be broken or compromised. Being unable to find or access precious data can be stressful and upsetting. If, for example, you store passwords or log in details in your notes and you are suddenly unable to view this information, it may have serious repercussions for you.

Other personal information we hold dear, such as videos, pictures and voice notes can also be lost if your iPhone is broken. If your screen is cracked or water gets into your iPhone, you may no longer be able to view these cherished memories. Whatever the cause of the damage and the nature of the data loss, knowing that you can recover data from broken iPhones, whether or not you have ever backed up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, will offer many iPhone users great comfort.

What types of data can I recover from my broken iPhone?

iPhone data recovery software is often needed when text messages are deleted by mistake, your device goes missing, or when your device is broken or stolen. After scanning your device or iPhone backup with the data recovery program, you are able to retrieve the following data types from your iPhone or backup files using Enigma Recovery software:

  • Text Messages
  • iMessages
  • Contacts
  • WhatsApp history
  • Calendar entries
  • Notes
  • Call history
  • Kik messages
  • Viber messages
  • Photos (Camera Roll and Recently Deleted)
  • Videos (Camera Roll and Recently Deleted)
  • Internet history

What should I do if I have damaged my iPhone?

Whether you have dropped your phone into water, or dropped it from a great height causing damage, there are a few methods to recover data from broken iPhones. There are also a few things you could do to repair your iPhone yourself. Here are our guides:

Enigma Recovery data recovery software will help you recover data from broken iPhones, but also from any other device running Apple’s iOS. This includes iPad and Mac computers. In fact, Enigma software is compatible exclusively with Apple iOS devices.

Can I recover data from an iPhone that won’t turn on?

Yes, but you’ll need to have a backup file with either iTunes or iCloud. If you have backed up your data on iTunes, you can use Enigma Recovery data recovery software to quickly and easily find the lost data you are looking for and retrieve specific data from your backup file if necessary. ICloud users can also use their iCloud accounts to retrieve and install data to a new iOS device, for example. However, they risk losing any data that was stored on their phone and not yet backed up to iCloud for any reason.

Will Enigma Recovery software retrieve all my lost data?

Our data recovery software uses advanced and powerful algorithms to maximise the amount of data recoverable for each of our users and our current data recovery rate stands at 94%. Anyone whose iPhone or other iOS device has been damaged or broken in some way can access the list of data recoverable through the free version of our software. You will need to download the full paid-for version in order to recover this lost iPhone data, but we understand that users will want to check what data is recoverable first.

What should I do if i’ve broken my iphone screen but the iPhone still works?

If you’ve dropped your iPhone and your screen is cracked or smashed, you have a few options, If your iPhone still works and your display is still functioning and clear, you could continue to use the iPhone and buy yourself a case!

If, however, your iPhone screen is so badly damaged that you can no longer use the phone, you’ll want to replace the phone and recover your data. If you have a backup in iTunes or iCloud, recovering the data you need is reasonably straightforward, especially if you use data recovery software to help maximise the amount of data you can save. If you have a damaged screen but haven’t ever backed up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, or your last backup was a long time ago, you can recover all your most valued iPhone data from the phone itself using our Enigma Recovery software.


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