How to backup an iPhone with an unresponsive screen

How to backup an iPhone with an unresponsive screen
How to backup an iPhone with an unresponsive screen
Backing Up Data

When your iPhone becomes unresponsive, your first thought is to back it up as quickly as possible, so you don’t lose any important data. But how can you do this if the screen doesn’t work and you’re stuck on the lock screen? Don’t worry, the situation isn’t that dire. Even if the phone doesn’t seem to work, there are still ways you can fix the problem and make sure your data is safely stored in the cloud.

What causes your iPhone screen to go unresponsive?

There are many reasons why your screen can freeze:

  • Software issues
  • Water damage
  • You dropped your phone

Depending on what caused the problem, it can be only the screen that becomes unresponsive, or the touch button can stop responding too.

Can I still back up my iPhone with an unresponsive screen?

The thought of losing all your data may sound scary, but don’t panic because there’s a good chance you’ll manage to back it up. The process will be a bit different from what you’d normally do, but you don’t need to be an Apple wiz to do it:

Try to connect your iPhone to a computer.

If your iPhone hasn’t been irreversibly damaged, you may still be able to back it up by connecting it to a PC or Mac and using iTunes. You’ve probably done this before already. Connect your device to a computer by using a USB cable, then open iTunes, and look for the device icon on the top left. Then, under ‘Backups’ -> ‘Manually Back Up and Restore,’ select ‘Back Up Now.’ This will back up all the data on your phone, and you can then safely restore it (on the same phone or a new one). The downside of using this option is that you can’t back up individual files; it’s all or nothing.

What if the computer doesn’t recognize your iPhone?

To fix this, try clicking on the ‘Authorizations’ option under ‘Account’ and input your iCloud password.

Use a Bluetooth keyboard to unlock the screen.

If you have a Bluetooth keyboard paired to your iPhone, you can use it to back up your data. A Bluetooth keyboard comes in particularly useful when your screen is in such a bad shape that it won’t register the touch of your finger. However, this only works if the keyword was already paired in advance, otherwise there’s not much you can do with it. Alternatively, if the screen is cracked, but the phone still works, you can ask Siri to ‘Enable VoiceOver’ and use this accessibility option to navigate to the iCloud backup option. As a downside, this method can be very time-consuming.

Is there a way to back up your iPhone without iTunes?

Yes, there is. You can install a third-party tool like Enigma Recovery, which, apart from being easy to use, gives you more granular control over the data on your phone. With Enigma Recovery, you can back up text messages, photos, contacts, notes, but also your call history and even your WhatsApp messages and attachments.

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