How do I reduce the backup size on my iPhone?

How do I reduce the backup size on my iPhone?
How do I reduce the backup size on my iPhone?
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Every responsible iPhone user should take the time to do regular backups of their data. At the end of the day, it’s better to wait for a few minutes until everything is stored in the cloud than desperately try to restore them should something go wrong. However, many users report that backing up their iPhone has become quite tedious because, after a while, the backups become too large.

As a result, backups take forever to complete. Some users have even reported that they haven’t been able to back up their iPhones at all because it takes longer than eight hours. Incomplete backups aren’t very reliable, and besides, the data can be corrupted if you disconnect from Wi-Fi during the backup. Most of the time, we can narrow down the cause of these long backup times to one thing: the size of the backup file is too large.

The more you use your phone, the more data it gathers. Not just the obvious files, like photos and videos, but also app data. From time to time, it’s important to go through your iPhone and delete some files. Not only will this speed up the backup process considerably but also prevent the unfortunate situation of running out of space.

Before you get started, head to Settings -> Your Name -> iCloud. Under ‘Storage’, you’ll see how much space your backups occupy. If the bar is nearly full, here are some tips that will help you clear some space and reduce the size of future backups:

Double-check what data you back up

When most people back up their data, they usually think of the things they’d never want to lose, like photos, contacts, and message history. However, during a backup, your phone saves to the cloud much more than that, including data you may not necessarily want saved. Go to ‘Choose data to back up’, and there you can deselect apps that automatically back up so that they don’t take up unnecessary space.

Alternatively, you can use a tool like Enigma Recovery to manually select what data you want to back up.

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Delete unnecessary files

The fewer files you have, the smaller the backup size. If you want to save space, take a few hours to go through all the files on your phone (all the way back to the oldest ones), and do a general clean-up. Most of us have all sorts of photos, documents, and downloads that we don’t remember keeping and that we no longer use, such as screenshots and old recordings, and deleting all of them can save some valuable space.

Uninstall unused apps

We all install apps out of curiosity, use them a couple of times, and then forget about them. But even though we don’t actively use these apps, they may still take up space in your backup file. At least every six months, have a look at your app list and, if you don’t remember the last time you opened an app, uninstall it.


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