How can you retrieve permanently deleted photos?

How can you retrieve permanently deleted photos?
How can you retrieve permanently deleted photos?
Accidental Deletion Restoring Data

Data loss can happen at any moment for a variety of reasons. Even if iPhones are known to be safe and secure, they can be subject to data loss as well.

Be it due to human error, physical damage, or a fault update, there comes a time when you find yourself with most, if not all, of your photos erased from the gallery. These photos can be precious memories, important documents, or even selfies, but they surely are of much importance to you.

So, what can you do to retrieve deleted photos from your iPhone?

Recently deleted photos

When you delete photos from your gallery, the iPhone does not actually remove these photos permanently. Instead, it stores your deleted photos in a folder that is intuitively called Recently Deleted. You can find this section at the bottom of your Albums section in your gallery, just under Utilities.

Images are stored here for 30 days before they are permanently deleted, meaning you can restore these images as if nothing ever happened. You simply go to the Recently Deleted album, tap “Select” on the top right corner, choose the images you want to recover, and then tap “Recover”. You will then find the recovered photos in your library in the same place they were before you deleted them.

What if I have an iCloud backup?

By now, you probably know that Apple provides its users with a cloud service, known as iCloud, which allows you to periodically backup your files, ensuring none of your important data is lost.

Backing up your files is not complicated, and it saves you the hassle of mourning your long-lost photos. Simply go to the iCloud menu in your Settings, tap on iCloud Backup, then toggle on the option to backup your files automatically as the phone changers overnight.

To recover your photos, simply login to the iCloud website and select the Photos app, then the Recently Deleted folder. It looks similar to your iPhone Photos app, but you will also find images that have been priorly deleted from your phone.

Permanently deleted photos

If you can’t find the photos you want to recover in the Recently Deleted album, it means they were permanently deleted from your phone. Still, your photos may not be entirely lost.

To recover permanently deleted photos, you can use a third-party tool such as Enigma Recovery. This tool is easy to use and lets you recover not only photos, but also messages, contacts, and other files using an iTunes backup file. The tool lets you scan the files and recover only the photos you want to, meaning you won’t have to retrieve the entire backup file.


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