How can I use iMessage without using data?

How can I use iMessage without using data?
How can I use iMessage without using data?
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iMessage is Apple’s own messaging service, only available between iPhone users. Although it looks as if you’re sending a text message, Apple actually uses the Internet to send these instant messages, and you get plenty of cool features that aren’t normally available with text messages. For example, you can attach images, voice messages, get read receipts and, more recently, Animojis that look just like you.

You can tell the difference between iMessages and regular text messages by looking at the colour of the message bubble in the conversation: if it’s blue, it’s an iMessage, if it’s green, it’s an SMS. By default, when you’re connected to the Internet, your phone will try to send every message to another iPhone as an iMessage. If it’s not connected to the Internet, that message will be sent as a text instead.

Remember, if you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network, your iPhone will use mobile data to send the text, which means you will be charged by your cellular carrier.

Many iPhone users don’t want to keep their data turned on at all times, especially when they’re travelling, due to the costs, so is there a way you can still use iMessage without using data?

Unless your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you cannot use iMessage.

Apple’s instant messaging service needs access to the Internet to work. Unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi, or you have mobile data turned on, your message will be sent as an SMS, not as an iMessage. That means carrier SMS charges will apply, and you won’t have access to the usual iMessage features.

One common problem with iMessage is that if the sender has access to the Internet, but the receiver does not, the receiver won’t get the iMessage until they have a connection. So, you either have to wait, or you can resend the message as a text if you see that it didn’t go through.

To make sure you can send an iMessage as a text, go to Settings -> Messages, and activate ‘Send as SMS’. This way, your message will be sent as text when iMessage is unavailable.

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