How can I speed up my iPhone iCloud backup?

How can I speed up my iPhone iCloud backup?
How can I speed up my iPhone iCloud backup?
Backing Up Data

Would more people back up their iPhones if the process didn’t take forever? Probably. We believe that being patient is worth it and that from time to time you should take a few hours of your day to make sure all your essential files are properly backed up. After all, if you do this, you’ll waste less time when trying to recover them later on.

However, there are times when doing a full iPhone iCloud backup takes so long that it’s impossible to become frustrated, cancel the process and hope nothing happens to your phone until the next time you’re ready to give it another go.

For those times, the tips below can help you speed up your iPhone iCloud backup:

Uninstall old apps that use a lot of data.

When we do a phone backup, we tend to think only of the files we want to be safe in the cloud and that we know we use: photos, videos, text message history, browsing history, and so on. But when you do a full iCloud backup, you also backup all your app data – even if you haven’t used that app in ages. That can slow down the backup significantly so go through your installed app one more time and see if you can delete any old ones you don’t need anymore. Don’t worry if you paid for the app. The app is tied to your Apple account so you can restore the purchase if you want to install it again.

Delete unnecessary media files.

If you’ve had the iPhone for a while or paid for extra iCloud space, you probably have A LOT of media files you completely forgot about: old screenshots, the same selfie taken from 20 different angles, photos taken in Burst Mode, long videos, recordings, voicemails, and more. All these files take up a lot of space on your phone so, from time to time, it’s worth doing some general cleaning.

Move some or all of your photos into the iCloud Photo Library.

Do you have hundreds of old photos you don’t look at anymore, but don’t want to delete forever either? One way to deal with them is to delete them from your phone, but keep them in the iCloud Photo Library, where you can access them at any time. Alternatively, you can keep them on an external hard drive or copy them to a computer, but uploading them in the cloud is better because you can access them from anywhere.

Backup your iPhone more often.

Most people only do a full iCloud backup once or twice a year, which means that there’s a lot of data to sync and the process will take longer. But Apple does differential backups, which means they only upload the new stuff. So, the more often you backup your phone, the less it will take for the process to complete.


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