Enigma Recovery Are Now Offering Support for iOS 11 users

Enigma Recovery Are Now Offering Support for iOS 11 users
Enigma Recovery Are Now Offering Support for iOS 11 users
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Birmingham, UK – 4 October 2017 – Data recovery providers Enigma Recovery continue to be on alert as more iPhone users update to iOS 11. As with previous iOS releases, Enigma is finding that some users who have upgraded have lost important data in the process, and is offering technical support via telephone, chat or email to help users recover their lost data.

Customer Service Manager, Ali Hussain explains, “We see this type of issue often when a new iOS version is released, as it’s one of the main reasons users lose data. Since the launch of iOS 11, we’ve extended our support offering to users who have lost data during an upgrade. Our aim is to help as many users as possible recover their lost data.”

iOS upgrades are generally safe and offer additional exciting features for users. Enigma is especially interested in the Files App which gives iOS a filesystem, making it easier to share and find files. Andrew Magee, Development Manager, said “Apple is taking machine learning to the next level, making it possible to build intelligent apps that can make better predictions. It’s only a matter of time before phones will think faster than their users.”

Enigma’s advice to users is to backup their phone before they upgrade to protect themselves against potential data loss. If they’ve already upgraded and lost data, users are advised to stop using their iPhone and scan it using Enigma Recovery’s free trial software, which is already iOS 11 compatible. For users who need additional assistance, the support team is available to guide users through the recovery process.

Enigma Digital CEO Lee Parry said, “iOS 11’s smaller back-up files mean that recovering deleted data will be faster and will allow us to provide a better experience for our customers”

About Enigma Digital:

Enigma Digital Limited (formerly Infinity Wireless) – (www.enigma-recovery.com) – was founded in 2012 and is focused on providing affordable, secure, fast, and accessible smart device data recovery and restore services for consumers globally. It sells a range of desktop software applications and mobile apps for multiple platforms. With more than 1bn data items recovered for more than 500,000 users in more than 150 countries, the company can claim to be one of the leading experts in its field.


Website: www.enigma-recovery.com

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Alan is our Chief Operating Officer & Founder, starting Enigma Digital in 2011. Throughout his career he has been FD and CFO of a number of SMEs from the manufacturing, distribution and technology sectors.

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