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Compatible with Windows and Mac computers

Enigma Recovery Features

Enigma Recovery software has all the features you need to recover, transfer and manage your iOS data. We’re compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices as well as iTunes and iCloud.

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Manage your Data Your Way

At the heart of all we do, is our aim to help users like you control your own data – that’s why we work hard to help you recover and access data that even the big networks and device operators won’t. Need to print a copy of your messages? Want to save your memories outside of your iPhone or iCloud for easy storing and sharing? Or maybe you need to recover 1 or 2 specific deleted data items only, and don’t want to carry out a full device restore? No matter what your data recovery needs, we’ve got you covered.

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Data Recovery Made Simple

You don’t need to have technical knowledge to use Enigma Recovery. Our intuitive UI as well as our simple recovery and restore process make data management easier than ever. But, if you ever do need additional assistance, our friendly Support Team is on hand to guide you through the process.

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Security When You Need It Most

The data on your iOS device is not only priceless, but also very personal and needs to be kept safe. We use secure methods of recovery, so only you have access to your data. Our software is compatible with encrypted iTunes backups and iCloud accounts with Two-factor authentication enabled – we understand the need for security and will never require you to remove these to gain access to your data.

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Data Recovery at Speed

Our innovative software algorithms work quickly to recover your data – once you’ve connected your iPhone or selected your iTunes/iCloud backup, you can sit back and watch the software scan and start displaying your data within a matter of minutes.

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Free Trial

Try Before You Buy

We want you to be reassured that our software is able to recover your data, so we offer a free trial of Enigma Recovery software. This enables you to view a limited amount of recovered data from your device or backup file, before you commit to a purchase.

To find out more about the different types of data that Enigma Recovery offers, visit our Product page, which also provides links to in-depth tutorials to help guide you through the data recovery process.

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Compatible with Windows and Mac computers