Delete your personal data from your iPhone with Enigma Eraser

Select SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Kik, Viber messages and image attachments to permanently erase from your iPhone and iPad

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How it works

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1. Download & install

Install Enigma Eraser on your Mac or Windows PC

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2. Scan & back up

Enigma Eraser will scan your device and create a secure back up of your personal data on your PC or Mac

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3. Select & erase

Scan the back up to find and select data to be permanently erased from your device

Recover iPhone & iPad data

Your phone or tablet holds a lot of sensitive personal data. When you sell, share or send your device to the repair shop, you want to be sure that your privacy isn’t compromised.

With Enigma Eraser you scan your device using your PC or Mac to view your private messages and attachments, selecting those messages and photos you want to securely and permanently delete along the way.

*WhatsApp can only be erased from iPhone, not iPad

Free up storage space on your iOS device

With constant use eventually your iPhone and iPad becomes full of unwanted data such as long message threads with multiple photo attachments.

As your device storage is used up it can begin to slow down, take longer to reboot and update. Enigma Eraser lets you select and delete SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp messages and photos to free up your handsets memory.

Buy Now
from $29.95 +VAT

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