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Follow the 3 steps below to install Enigma Recovery (Windows)

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1. Run the .exe

Click on the downloaded file to launch the installer

2. Confirm installation

Our software is secure and virus free, so when prompted, click “Run” to confirm

download step 2

3. Follow the instructions

Once the installer opens, follow the steps to install Enigma Recovery

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Did you know?

Enigma Recovery is a 8 apps in 1 solution, which you can install on your Mac and/or PC


download laptop
x2 Recovery apps (Device, iCloud, iTunes)
download iphone
x1 Restore app (iPhone, iPad)
competitor price $149.90


download laptop
x2 Recovery apps (Device)
download android
x1 Restore app (Smartphones, tablets)
competitor price $109.90

SD Card

download laptop
x2 Recovery apps

Recover from:

  • SD Cards
  • USB sticks (removable media)
  • Hard drives
competitor price $174.85

What you get when you buy

  • 6 desktop apps
  • 2 FREE mobile apps
  • Recover from up to 3 devices/drives
  • 1-year license
  • Install on Mac or PC (up to 20 installs)
  • 24/7 support
Enigma Recovery multi box shot