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Follow the 3 steps below to install Enigma Eraser (Windows)

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1. Run the .exe

Click on the downloaded file to launch the installer

2. Confirm installation

Our software is secure and virus free, so when prompted, click “Run”

download step 2

3. Follow the instructions

Once the installer opens, follow the steps to install Enigma Eraser

download step 3

Problem – Can’t launch installer

Solution – temporarily disable Antivirus or firewall

Some antivirus and firewall software will block Enigma Eraser Installer from being launched. Our software is virus free and signed with our Enigma Digital Ltd company certificate so this is a fairly rare glitch.

If you experience any issues with launching the installer, try temporarily disabling your antivirus or firewall software. The process will be different depending on what software you have, here are screenshots of some of the more popular antivirus software.

  • pause kaspersky

  • pause avast

  • avg pause

Problem – Software crashes during installation

Solution – troubleshoot your internet connection

Right click on the wifi connection or ethernet connection in your tray and choose “Troubleshoot options”. Select the first option and type in Let the troubleshooter try to fix this issue, if the issue still persists and there is a problem with your internet connection please contact your internet service provider.

troubleshoot connection

Problem – Windows is showing a warning message

Solution – Click “Yes”, there is no risk

This is a Windows User Account Control security check. Our Enigma Eraser software has advanced functionality and needs to be able to make changes to the data on your computer (in technical terms – Enigma Eraser installs its own service).

There is no risk of your computer or any of your data being damaged, so you should click “Yes” if you see this message

pause avast

Any other problems?

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